Weekly E-News 5784
July 5 - July 11, 2024
It's a girl!

Baby Gelman, born July 3rd, 11 PM,
weight 6 lbs, 11 oz.

Mazel Tov to the Gelmans!


Hummus & Scoops
Two different Vegetable Frittatas (GF)
Tossed Salad

Thanks to Charna & Marvin Cweibel
for preparing this week's kiddush!

Please consider sponsoring a kiddush, in whole or in part, to celebrate a special achievement or celebration. You may also donate to the kiddush fund in any amount at any time.
Contact the office for more details.

Ever wanted to learn a little bit more about what we say and do during our prayers? Wanted to know what prayer is in Judaism, or why we say the Mourner’s Kaddish at the end of the service, or why we stand during the Amidah? Do you have questions about our prayers, but never wanted to take a full class? Rabbi Gelman is here to help! Starting this week, after our normal Psukei Dzimrei at 9:45, every Shabbat service from 10-10:10 will be dedicated to going over a little piece of prayer knowledge. Learn the meaning of the prayers, the order of the service, and more! The Shacharit morning service will always start at 10:10 to make sure we end on time, so make sure you get to services by 10 AM to learn a little more about our prayers!
 July 5 – July 11, 2024
This Shabbat:
2024 | 5784
Candle Lighting: 8:16 pm
Havdalah: 9:16 pm
(all times are for Savannah)
Annual Torah reading: Numbers 16:1-18:32
(Etz Hayim pp 860-875)
Triennial Torah reading: Numbers 16:20-17:24
(Etz Hayim pp 863-869)
Haftarah: Isaiah 66:1-66:24
(Etz Hayim pp 1220-1223)
Service Leader Sign Up

Are you interested in leading services? Reading Torah? You can sign up on our service leader sign up sheet! If you are interested in learning how to read Torah or lead services, contact Rabbi Gelman at rabbi@agudath-achim.com.
In Person Service Times:
Tuesday: 7:30 AM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM
Every Friday: 8:00 AM
1st Friday: 6:00 PM at Synagogue
2nd & 4th Friday: 8PM at Synagogue
3rd Friday: 8:00 PM at Parsonage
Shabbat: 9:45 AM

July 5th
Amy Rosenthal

July 7th
Lauren Fins
David Rosenthal

July 8th
Melvin Haysman

July 9th
Melissa Emert
Ellen Goldberg
Stephen Greenberg

July 10th
Harriet Ullman

July 11th
Michael Blumenthal


July 8th
Janet & Bob Benjamin
Harriet & Paul Kulbersh

Mitzvah Grams

If you'd like to wish AA members Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary, the Sisterhood will be glad to send cards for you!
The cost is just $.75 for individual names or $50.00/ 6 months for all members with a date to celebrate.

For more information or to enroll, call Natalie Hyman at 518-265-6777 or email her at njhyman@aol.com.

July 5 - July 12, 2024

Thursday night/Friday, July 5 - 29 Sivan
Jeanette Galin - mother of Melvyn Galin, aunt of Murray Galin

Friday night/ Saturday, July 6 - 30 Sivan
Benjamin Gaynor - father of Howard Gaynor
Bertha Kanter - grandmother of Jerry Konter
Kate Kanter - grandmother of Michael Konter
Nettie Waldman - grandmother of David Rosenthal

Saturday night/ Sunday, July 7 - 1 Tammuz
Bernice Luskey - mother of Barry Luskey

Sunday night/Monday, July 8 - 2 Tammuz
George Newman - father of Ellie Galin
Bernard Wilker - husband of Simone Wilker

Monday night/Tuesday, July 9 - 3 Tammuz
Dorothea Aaron - mother of Kenneth Aaron
Maureen Singer - mother of Sharon Honeycutt
Marilyn Walcoff - mother of Andrew Walcoff

Tuesday night/ Wednesday, July 10 - 4 Tammuz
Edith Glaser - mother of Tom Glaser
Stanley Hammer - grandfather of Preston Feiler

Wednesday night/ Thursday, July 11 - 5 Tammuz
Fred Ehrenreich - father of Sara Jospin
Jay Kaminsky - brother of Toby Friedman, Danny & Myron Kaminsky

Thursday night/Friday, July 12 - 6 Tammuz
Fannie Ginsberg - grandmother of Ron Ginsberg
Laura Rosenthal - daughter of Amy & David Rosenthal
Charles Wizwer - father of Phillp Wizwer

Commemoration of the Yahrzeit begins the evening of the first noted date.
Community Announcements
Project Elef is an initiative that will help deserving families prepare for school without stress. Michelle Allan and Sarah Docar are facilitating the project as Tzedek Coordinators, having recently completed the first year of the Tzedek Cohort through JCCNA and Repair the World. The goal is to collect 1,000 items and $1,000.00 by the end of July.  A generous donor will match dollar-for-dollar money collected to meet the goal.   The items collected will be sorted and packed, ultimately providing numerous children in the area with a brand new backpack filled with a complete and grade appropriate supply list.  Collection bins are located in the JEA Main Lobby and Small Auditorium. 

Montag Gallery Exhibit
The Montag Gallery at the JEA is pleased to announce the opening of Joanna Silver’s solo exhibition, “Candy Coated Memories,” on Monday, June 17, 2024.

The show includes over 14 prints and paintings Silver has worked on during the past two years as a painting MFA candidate at SCAD. The opening reception is July 11, 5 – 7pm, and the show will run through July 31, 2024. 
Donor Dues Program
Rabbi Samuel Gelman
Morgan McGhie, President
Motti Locker, Executive Director

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