My Goof-Proof Color Wheel Works for Abstracts & Realism

All color wheels are used to help artists select color combinations that work well together. Specific color combinations will give the painting very specific visual impact. 

My Goof-Proof Color Wheel has only ten colors. The spinning pointer points to the four color combinations that I use in my paintings. Specific color combos will result in specifics emotions and help me to communicate the painting's message. I have my color wheel at each of my painting stations so I can stay focused. (I tend to wander into other color combos. The color wheel, next to me, helps me be more productive and efficient.) No need to fumble around, guessing what I should do next!

And, once my four colors are determined and loosely brushed on the surface, that is when the painting takes off and I am able to paint in a creative fearless direction... Goof proof guaranteed!

Don't forget - watch the video! I demonstrate using my Goof-Proof Color Wheel in a variety of "realistic and recognizable" subjects. 
Points to remember:

80% of the painting surface will be the Dominant color. Dominant! Get it?

The primary Focal Point color takes up about 10% in one area.

Around the pure focal point color I add 5% of each Spice Color. The two Spice Colors actually augment plus draw attention to the focal point.

And again, as I move away from the one focal point, I tone down the other colors to a variety of neutrals.

Think - 80, 10, 5 and 5.

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Goof Proof Color Wheel works for Abstract and Realism
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