Landscape Painting & the Four Compositions - Part One

This BobBlast is a demonstration of two of the four graphic compositions I use when painting a landscape.

The first composition is a simple Horizontal Design. Where the sky meets land is where the most contrast is. So all the attention and focus goes there first.

I start out with only 3 values - black, middle grey and white. Then...
*Tone the surface with the midtown grey
*Next, determine the horizontal edge. Make a high horizon line for a painting of the land or a low horizon line for a painting of the sky.

I prefer a large brush to put in the basic shapes. Remember, no details yet - just three values at first in black, grey and white.

The second composition is referred to as Tunnel Vision. The focal area is usually at the point with the most contrast. All drawing lines can also lead to that point. The painting will have the effect of looking through a tunnel - the end being the focal point.

As before, start with only three values - black, middle grey and white. Tone the surface with the midtone grey. Next. determine the focal point (the whitest spot) - and finally, brush in the black composition and design, using a large brush.

This covers the first two compositions for painting the landscape. The final two compositions are covered in the next BobBlast - stay tuned!

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Keep painting!

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Landscape Composition Part One
Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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