Working with Complementary Colors - Part Two

In our previous BobBlast #83, I demonstrated how to start an abstract painting, using a complementary color combination... in this case, 
red and green.

Start by quickly splashing varieties of red colors all over the surface of the watercolor paper. Then, while still wet, wipe away a clean spot and brush in the complement - green. I use a variety of greens - and green is also my focal point. This is just one way to start an abstract painting. Right now it's working for me, as I stick with the same complementary color combo all day long, working on many paintings. This is a wonderful exercise to keep loose and learn more about color theory.

After this step has dried, I'll use the same colors, but now I will have a concept, a goal, a story to tell - and I have already named the painting.

Next step in my demo - Continue to move paint around and draw back into it with charcoal until the final image clearly communicates the title, the goal, the intention. For now, this works for me.

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"Working with Complementary Colors - Part Two"

Working with Complementary Colors Part Two

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Robert Burridge
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