Painting - Step Four - Finish Your Loose Beginnings

Continuing on from the two previous BobBlasts - Step One, Two and Three - this week's Blast is the final step - Step Four.

The loose, wet beginning of the initial color combination and design composition is now ready to turn into the painting image I had sketched 
and planned from the beginning of this process of making a painting. 

As I like to say,  "Decide what you want first... then make it happen." In fact, I name the painting first, write it on the back of the surface.
Hint: The painting will be finished when the image matches the title. 
So... name it first - then you can know when it's finished!

In this week's video, I finish the painting - then go back in and tighten 
it  all up, keeping my focus on the design composition, color combination 
and theme. The p ainting title is "Sunlight and Flowers".

Don't forget - Watch the video!

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"Painting Step Four - Finish Your Loose Beginnings"

Painting Step Four

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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