Painting - Step One

There are many different ways to begin creating a painting. There is no 
"one right way."  Study other artists and pay attention to their approach to making their paintings. Try different approaches.

This one works for me - I begin to paint, only after journaling and writing down my goals and painting intentions for the day. Usually I paint in a series, a theme... and title each piece first. The title keeps me focused toward my painting goal. 

Step One - Determine your color combination and tone the surface with 
your dominant color. Goof around with variations of that one dominant color. 

Next - with the design composition in mind, add the focal point color and finally, two spice colors to augment and support your focal point. And I haven't even mentioned the subject matter yet!

Start off abstractly with very loose, wet colors. Let dry while continuing on 
to your next painting in the series.

For me, Painting - Step One is like sailing. Initially you experience the exhilaration of the breeze moving you along the ocean surface. But if you need to actually end up somewhere, you'll need to get down to business 
and focus on your journey... Step One.

Wishing you red skies at night this new year and beyond the horizon!

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Painting Step One

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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