Watercolor Paper I Use in My Studio

Popular watercolor paper, found at most art supply sources sells because it is so available and easy to get... but pricey. Painting on a twenty dollar sheet of paper can make anyone nervous! 

Solution? Watch this video for the watercolor paper I use in my studio. 

Wow. This has changed my whole approach to painting on paper. The paper holds up and withstands my brutal techniques. And - it's "less expensive" (Cheap!)

This paper is the original bright white watercolor sheet paper made with super white, 100% cotton rag. It is archival, acid and chlorine free, and available in both 140 lb. and 300 lb. My favorite is 300 lb. cold press (CP) - meaning it's not smooth. When I purchase a large amount, I am able to get the per sheet price... let me put it this way, real cheap. This paper has the same great high-quality as those top, pricey brands. And finally, I tear this watercolor paper on all four sides for a beautiful deckled edge.

Let 'er rip!

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"Watercolor Paper I Use in My Studio"

Watercolor Paper I Use in My Studio

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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