Draw an Ellipse to Create a Cylinder.

Here's a quick, simple tip on painting the illusion of a cylinder, a coffee cup, 
a vase of flowers or a glass of water.

First practice loose sketches of various ellipses. Practice drawing lots of them,  over and over.

Then, to create a cylinder or tumbler, remember to draw the ellipse on the top first, then the same elliptical curve on the bottom edge. It's not a straight line - it's a curved line, and darker too. This helps to anchor the object. 

Also, if you are creating an image of a clear glass of water or chardonnay, 
the top surface of the liquid is similar in size to the other ellipses. 

The next time you find yourself starring at your cup of tea or glass of an 
adult beverage of your choice, ask yourself... how would I draw this?

Now you know. Cheers!

To see how I do this click on the video link below.

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"Draw an Ellipse to Create a Cylinder" video.

Draw an Ellipse to Create a Cylinder

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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