How to Paint a Vase of Flowers Quick and Easy

Here's another BobBlast Studio Tip! Painting the Negative Shape

One of the most popular assignments in my Loosen Up Workshop is painting loose and juicy flower bouquets. Start off by splashing and making a big mess. Make sure it's wet - I use paper towels to put the colors down.

You're making a mess - not mud. When dry, choose a color scheme and paint  the part that is NOT a bouquet of flowers. I generally paint my negative space with an opaque color or a color mixed with a lot of white gesso.  I make a significant amount of this color - sopping wet.

Next I emphasize the light source and exaggerate the darks and shadows. 
Put color  is everywhere - the vase, the flowers and the background are all
colorful splashes!

To see how I do this click on the video link below.

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Negative Shape Painting

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