Where Do Titles Come From?

Here's a BobBlast Studio Tip!

So often we see painters showing their paintings on the internet, asking 
if it's finished? ... or inviting suggested titles. Here's what works for me.

One suggestion that I learned from our French masters - they did a series 
of the same subject over and over... a series. That said, the next suggestion is I title the painting first. I put the title on the back of the painting. Not only does this keep me focused on a goal, when the painting matches the title and what I had in mind, it's done.

Decide what you want FIRST... then make it happen.

And here's another studio tip about titles - try this! Write down your 
themes and ideas. Write down everything, then pick up this book - 
Roget's Thesaurus.

Next, look up your series title or key words, such as "Musician" and BAM! There you are - about 200 titles for your theme. All words relating to your musician theme.

Title your work first. Then when your art matches your title, it's done! 
Move on to the next painting... your series.

Decide what you want FIRST... then make it happen.

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Where Do Titles Come From

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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