Why Cover Your Painting Table with Plastic Sheeting.

Watching my DVDs, you may have noticed the palette I use is actually 
the whole table covered with a tight plastic sheet. A roll of 3' x 50' Polyethylene  plastic sheeting, 4ml thick from the hardware store. 
Insist on a roll 3 feet wide, It fits easily on a long table. Tape the 
plastic down tightly. I use brown packing tape -  not the blue painter's 
tape. Now you're good to go.

Paint is squeezed onto the table... my palette, and most importantly, 
is mixed on the table, not on the painting. By the end of three days, 
the paint has built up and because of the heavy pigmented paint and 
the paint layers are thick enough to peel off. Save these pieces and 
stack them between wax paper or polyethylene. They are acrylic and 
will  adhere to each other, so put a slip sheet between each layer to save 
and use in collages later.

Too much fun!

Don't Forget! Watch the video for even more 

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Why Cover Your Painting Table with Plastic Sheeting

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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