Give Back!


How many times are you asked to donate artwork to a charity event? 

I bet MANY times! I have donated artwork, painted on wine barrels, musical instruments, clocks, furniture and clothing! 


We decide how many charities we will support at the beginning of the year and we don't go beyond that decision. I love the challenge of something new and exciting! I push myself to do my best because I want the work that I donate be an excellent reflection of my Studio. 


I am always asked by artists - what can we deduct from our taxes when we donate artwork? The answer is simple - NOTHING. You can only deduct the cost of the materials.... and you have probably already deducted that! 


Here is a great resource -  They have complied a 26 page downloadable booklet for both Artists and Charities. And it is free! Go to their website and you can download the book. A great resource to share with your art groups and favorite charities!


Donate your Best!


Don't forget. Watch the video!


Click HERE to view "BobBlast issue 57

Give Back" video


Give Back!  


Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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