Get Organized with a Practice Wall


Do you sometimes walk into your studio area only to be overwhelmed with the mess? Where do you start? Can't find exactly what you're looking for?


Here's a tip I use in my studio - my painting subjects are varied in themes and techniques, so I store each subject in plastic bins or files. It's a simple idea and by keeping on top and ahead of studio daily "chores"  - my constructive and painting time has actually increased.  


Even my Practice Wall is divided in subject categories: Fruits & Vegetables, Florals, Landscapes, Figures etc. All are pinned on the practice wall in groups. 


These small studies are my studio warm ups - right now, here are my favorite sizes for paper studies:  6"x9" * 10"x10" * 9"x12"


Summary... I spend less time getting ready to paint, and have a lot more productive studio time. I come from a corporate design background so... excuse me! I like to keep things organized.


Get it Together, Artists - Practice More!


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Get Organized with a Practice Wall " video


Organize with a Practice Wall


Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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