Making a Deckle Edge


I like 4 deckle edges when I float or mount watercolor paper. These days most full sheets come when 2 deckle edges and 2 straight edges. That's a problem!


Solution: Tear the paper. The edges stay deckled all around. The following is a no nonsense way to tear paper. No special tools are required!


Start with a full sheet - and mark the desired finished size with a pencil or marker on the backside of the paper. Slightly cut the paper. Don't cut all the way through, just score it.


Then make a hard crease with a roller, a hard tool or even the back of your brush handle. Fold back the other way and press down on the crease again. The paper crease now becomes more flexible and easier to tear apart.


The next step - Tear the paper AWAY from itself - do not tear it by pulling the paper towards you... it will tear diagonally. This will result in a beautiful deckle edge!


This technique works best on 300 lb. paper, gessoed or non-gessoed.



  • Score the paper
  • Crease the paper
  • Tear the paper
  • Front of the paper appears deckled


Don't forget to watch the video!


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Making a Deckle Edge" video


Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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