Weekly BobBlast Issue 386
Best of BobBlast - Productivity

Welcome Back to Another BobBlast!
Kate and I are very thankful that you continue to watch and support the BobBlasts! We are giving thanks for health and well-being, as well as being able to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. Be thankful and enjoy your Holiday!

This BobBlast is a Best of BobBlast - take some time out and enjoy!

Productivity in the studio is one of my primary goals. It comes in many forms - not just painting.

When you are in your studio (where you produce paintings) and the urge to paint just isn’t there… but you still feel the need to produce, you can do the following:

•Organize your paints
•Journal in your sketchbook
•Clean your brushes
•Gesso canvas and watercolor paper (mine is cheap Joe’s Kilimanjaro 300 lb)
•Review your early sketchbooks
•Clean the floor and empty the trash
•You get the idea… Preparing yourself to paint comes in many forms.

I prefer efficiency in the studio. Cleaning my studio and my painting supplies helps me to focus on painting productivity. I don’t like to waste time “looking around for things” while I’m painting. For me to produce my best work, I can’t afford to be a scatter-brain! Many years ago I was an Industrial Designer, so productivity for me is still relevant. 

I know this is not the most exciting thing to do in the studio, but while doing some of these tasks, I’m still thinking about - and planning - my next painting.


Online Workshops Coming Up!
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• Abstract Figure - Undraped & Costumed Model
•May 6-8, 2022
•July 22-24, 2022
•October 14-16, 2022
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•January 3, 2022
"Using Neutrals in your Paintings"
•February 7, 2022
"Hearts and Flowers"
•March 21, 2022
"Creating a Series, Using the 5Cs"

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Bob's been busy! Lots of new work! And the SOPs are back!

Our Latest Virtual Exhibit!
The theme is “Light at the End of the Tunnel” - Specifically, the focus of this exhibit is on HOPE. I hope you all post your Light at the End of the Tunnel paintings - your vision, and enjoy looking through the gallery of work.

Join the group and post your Light at the End of the Tunnel Paintings.

Here’s what to do next to join our virtual exhibit of Light at the End of the Tunnel:
•Click on this link
•OR search in Facebook for Burridge Studio Group Light at the End of the Tunnel Virtual Exhibit
•Join the group
•Post your work!
•Add your name, title plus more info.
Looking forward to seeing your work!
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Below is a list of featured workshops - but did you know that I also offer private sessions in my studio and online? Perfect for beginners who want a crash course in watercolor or acrylic or for artists who are designing an exhibit and want to bounce ideas for content and techniques. I devote 100% of my studio time to you! Designed for 1 to 3 people - if you are interested or have questions, email kate@robertburridge.com

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December 2, 2021
Artists in Action: Gallerists-Artist Relationship
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Thursday, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM PST
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December 14, 2021
Artists in Action: Online Gallery? Try Pinterest
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Tuesday, 1:00-2:00 PM PST
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January 3, 2022
Demos in BobLand
Monthly Demos - Online Zoom Demo!

January 6-7, 2022
Zoomin' with Bob! - ONLINE WORKSHOP
Non-Objective Abstract Painting
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January 22-29, 2022
Abstract Acrylic Painting & Collage in Mexico
Casa de Los Artistas
Boca de Tomatlan, 10 miles South of Puerto Vallarta 
Contact Robert Masla, (413) 625-8382
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February 7, 2022
Demos in BobLand
Monthly Demos - Online Zoom Demo!

February 8-9, 2022
Zoomin' with Bob! - ONLINE WORKSHOP
Abstract Figure Painting
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March 3-6, 2022
Robert Burridge Studio Mentor Workshop
Come paint with Bob in his Studio in Arroyo Grande, CA
(includes individual mentor time, demonstrations and personal theme development)
4-day Workshop/Mentor Program, limited to 7 enrollees
Contact kate@RobertBurridge.com for fees and details.
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March 14-18, 2022
Robert Burridge 5-Day Instructional Studio Workshop
5-day Workshop in Bob’s Arroyo Grande, CA Studio 
Limited to 10 enrollees 
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March 21, 2022
Demos in BobLand
Monthly Demos - Online Zoom Demo!

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Best of BobBlast - Productivity
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BobBlast #386 - Video run time 9 minutes, 3 seconds

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