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Here's a question I recently received... How do you ship your paintings? What's the best way? Of course, professional shipper, packers and mailers - but I'm stubborn and prefer to be responsible all the way through the business transaction. So, I pack and ship my own product.

We have heard many of your horror stories, so here is what works for us to resolve those issues. First, designate a table area just for packing. Get a copy of a shipping supply catalog. We use ULine - they will have most everything you need from boxes, bags, bubblewrap and tape. 

ULine also carries reusable shipping boxes similar to Airfloat's StrongBox. Most juried shows require this type of reusable box because it is very sturdy, professional, easy to use and protects the artwork. This type of box is perfect for larger canvases or framed pieces en route to a juried show or a gallery.

For smaller paintings that we sell online, we use either ULine boxes we purchase or... free boxes from the US Postal Service - many standard, varied sizes and using USPS 
is a more economical way to ship the smaller work.

Don't forget to watch the video - I show these products and how I use them.

And now... a little business advice: 
  1. In the box, always include a receipt or a packing slip which includes your artwork inventory information.
  2. Call or email your customer with the tracking # and delivery date.
  3. Charge your customer for the shipping. It is expected. Don't let it be a surprise though - be upfront with the shipping costs at the time of purchase.
  4. The exception to #3 is when you ship to a juried show or to galleries. The artist pays for the shipping.
It's your artwork, by golly! Treat it with respect, wrap it right and you will have no horror stories to tell. 

You're Welcome.

Thanks again for watching and telling your friends! We strive for short, substantial, informative bits to help jumpstart your time in your studio.

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Pack it Ship It
Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge

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