Painting Figures using Color Combinations.

Welcome back to another BobBlast!

The Art of the Carolinas Trade Show, sponsored by Jerry's Artarama in Raleigh, North Carolina was this past weekend. I always have a great time at this event - seeing old friends, meeting my FaceBook friends and teaching lots of painting workshops! 

This week's BobBlast was filmed during one of my classes - Wow Your Next Painting with Goof Proof Color Combinations & Compositions.
I was doing a demonstration for the class - adding color to black and white figure sketches,  using my Color Wheel - Dominant Color is Green. After I determined my color combination, I found I had to refer to the Color Wheel over and over again to keep me focused. 

I enjoy filming these BobBlasts during actual demonstrations - I never quite know exactly how the painting will turn out! Use your Color Wheel - it is a valuable tool.
Don't forgot the watch the video!

Thanks again for watching and telling your friends! We strive for short, substantial, informative bits to help jumpstart your time in your studio.

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January 6-8, 2017 Just a couple of spaces open!
Loose & Juicy Florals   
Donna Downey Studios
Huntersville, NC 28078
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January 21-28, 2017
Burridge's Tropical Painting Workshop
Casa de Los Artistas
Boca de Tomatlan, 10 miles South of Puerto Vallarta
Contact Robert Masla, (413) 625-8383
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"Painting Figures using Color Combinations " video.

Painting Figure using Color Combinations
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