Loosen Up with Dramatic Light & Color Workshop Demonstration.

Welcome to another BobBlast  - LIVE! from Artisan Santa Fe Expo in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This BobBlast is from one of my six different workshops during the four day Artisan Materials Art Expo - titled "Loosen up with Dramatic Light & Color".
There are handouts for this workshop! Click HERE for the first handout and click HERE for the second handout .

Using only black and white acrylic paint (Holbein Artist Acrylic heavy body paint) - we painted a gradated background... starting with darkest black at the top, gradating downward to the whitest white at the bottom. 

Using my "Rembrandt-Style Lighting Technique" we practiced painting dramatic images like balls, pears and figures, being mindful of my mantra of the day "Dark against Light... Dark against Light..." to give the paintings a strong light source and dimensionality.

Then we moved on, using the same technique - only this time in COLOR and ABSTRACT. Of course we referred to my Goof Proof Color Wheel, using only 4 colors!

Make sure you watch the video - and stay past the ending for my BONUS DEMONSTRATION!

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November 16-20, 2016
Burridge's Loosen Up, Abstracts and Figures + Collage
Ocean Springs, Mississippi
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"Loosen Up with Dramatic Light & Color 
Workshop Demonstration " video.

Dramatic Light and Color
Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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