Finding Ideas for Paintings - Part Three.

Hello and welcome to another BobBlast!  This is the third and final part of this series - Finding Ideas for Painting Titles. Here is a re-cap of the BobBlast series #106-#108.

These warm up "idea paintings" are a daily routine for me in the studio. I call these small 10x10 inch paper pieces my practice paint sketches. In previous BobBlasts I've demonstrated, step-by-step, my process for creating a painting.

This BobBlast continues with the HOW and WHY I title my painting first. Beginning any new SERIES (note - series) starts with journaling everything I can write down from the top of my head (actually the right side of my brain). Then, I look for visual words that communicate my idea - my theme for the series. When I journal this way - it is almost like stream-of-consciousness writing - I don't self-edit. I write quickly and without distractions. Journaling this way really works for me.

So, after journaling and determining my idea, my theme - I begin a series of loose, warm up paint sketches. This time I am using 6 watercolor sheets, 10x10 inches, all gessoed with acrylic gesso.

Also, before painting, I title each of the 6 warm up paint sketches. And here's the cool part... when I run out of titles/names, I turn to my other favorite studio book - a Roget's Thesaurus. 

In this BobBlast I am completing these practice pieces, finalizing them with my focal point color and two spice colors. These daily practice pieces are my initial warm ups before moving on to larger paintings. 

When the paintings end up matching the title - it's finished!

Walk Away.

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Ideas for starting paintings part 3
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