Large Format Drip Trees in your Studio - Part Two.

So, as promised. This demo is a continuation of the previous BobBlast of loose, very wet drips to make my "Treeline" painting. This technique may not be for everyone, but having this much irreverent fun works for me!

Recalling that I title the painting first, before starting - then I build up lots of colored layers and wet drips. 

The final phase relies on negative shape painting with an opaque color. This allows me to paint over the areas that don't look like trees. It's like clearing out the forest. An easier way to describe this technique in painting is - "Decide what it is you want first, then go make it happen."

The painting will be finished when the imagine matches its title: Treeline.

Watch the video - think BIG, LOOSE and WET!

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"Large Format Drip Trees in your Studio - Part Two." video.

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