Painting Large

Large Format Drip Trees in your Studio.

Start Loose and wet with a vertical wall. Here is a step-by-step:

Step One - Don't have a big studio? Make a temporary vertical wall using two 6 foot folding plastic tables taped together with industrial strength black "gaffers" tape, found in most hardware supply stores. The table legs are folded closed, except on one end, which is folded out to act as an "easel" leg. 
The table "wall" will stand on a slight angle and is solid when temporarily taped together. Now you have a large format wall to hold larger paper or canvas.

Step Two - Using tape, mount your paper on the wall and gesso a warm tone with acrylic paint all over the paper.

Step Three - Using large brushes and a bucket of watery, flowing acrylic paint, brush generous amounts of paint near the top  half of the paper, until the paint drips. That's what you're going after... drips - lots of sloppy color and drips.

Step Four - Walk away and let dry.

Step Five - The next step will be negative painting. In other words, paint 
over the parts that don't look like trees with opaque color. Just like when Michelangelo was questioned - how did he do the statue of David? He answered, I got a huge rock and chipped away the parts that didn't look like David! That's negative shape painting. Personally, I use this way of painting a lot, thanks to opaque colors.

So, make a drippy mess first. Then, when dried, cover up the parts that don't belong there. Hey, this works for me - I use this technique along with my color wheel. Hint: I always use my color wheel combinations. On the next BobBlast I'll attempt to finish what I started on this one!

Watch the video - think BIG, LOOSE and WET!

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Large Format Drip Trees in your Studio
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