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Topanga Creek BicyclesWeekly Bicycle Rides & Events
Evening ride this week.    5:15 PM. 
Saturday, May 21, 5:15 PM Mountain Bike Ride.  
We are going to try out an evening ride this week for everyone who works early on Saturdays or just plain can not get out of bed in the morning.  We will leave at 5:15 PM and head into the park from the shop.  Because the sun sets around 7:30, we will ride for a couple hours and head back to catch the light.   5:15 PM, so show up earlier.  Always, hills and lots of good people. The shop closes at 5PM, so if you need anything, indeed, show up earlier.  
Saturday, May 14 Ride group a the hub.
Saturday, May 14 Ride group a the hub.



















Vinay and his new Niner
Vinay is ready with his Jet 9. He is planning to race Temecula.
Judy and her Niner
Judy and her RIP 9

Chris from Orbea and Scott discuss 29 inch Orbea's
Scott and Chris from Orbea talk about Orbea mountain bikes headed to the shop.
Chris King
Chris King Tool and headsets. We build a lot of wheels with Chris King Hubs and have tools to rebuild them.

The advances in really bright night lights in the past 4 years have been fast and fantastic.  Now,
 the rechargeable batteries can be attached to the light. Niterider makes great stuff.   We also (thanks to Vassily's research) just brought in some of the Paul Component mounts on the top caps of the headsets for clean/easy positioning.  
Paul Components headset mount
Paul Components headset mount with a Niterider light. The battery for the rechargeable light and part of the light.
Paul Headset light mount
Paul Components Headset bell/light mount.
Next Race is June 4th.

  The next race is June 4th.  We are going to do the 12 Hours of Temecula with a handful of squads.   It is a relay race with the laps about 1-1 1/2 hours.  New racers can take as long as 2 hours.   There is a 6 hour solo option that a few people are doing.     If you want to participate please stop by or do the Saturday ride this week.  We want to decide the squads soon.  We are expecting to have a few people camp from Friday night to Sunday.  It should be a lot of fun.  The cost to enter the race is roughly $75 depending on the category.   A few expenses are involved and ideally camping out is part of the fun, so we assign one meal to each squad.  
Camping at a race.

Julie and Max
Camping at a race


BMC will be with us
 Some of the guys from the BMC mountain bike team will be at the race with us.  It is great time to ride your BMC mountain bike.  


Luke's BMC
That is Luke's BMC




Three baby birds starting life at the shop above our speakers.
Chris at JPL
Chris at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  The JPL open house each May is a lot of fun.
We are full service bicycle shop with a focus on mountain bikes and touring bikes.

About Topanga Creek Bicycles:

Topanga Creek Bicycles is a full service bicycle shop located near the trails of Topanga State Park.  The shop primarily focuses on better hard to find products with an emphasis on mountain and touring bikes.  We have a great location in Topanga Canyon and encourage you to visit.
We are a small shop with the newest products, best equipment, best prices and an environment that most people enjoy.  

Chris King
Chris King Rear Hub
Relaxing in Topanga Canyon

We welcome you to visit us in Topanga and perhaps visit the state park and recreation area.

Topanga Creek Bicycles
1273 N. Topnaga Canyon Blvd.
Topanga, CA   90290

(310) 455-2111

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Bicycle Shop Hours

Monday             11-5
Tuesday            11-7
Wednesday        11-7
Thursday           11-7
Friday *              11-7
Saturday *           11-5
Sunday               Join us for races and events when they happen. 
* Closed Early Friday June 3 and closed all day June 4 and 5 for the 12 Hour race in Temecula.