Weekly Construction update: September 20, 2021

Nighttime SR 60/ Moreno Beach Dr. WB Ramp Closure

During the week of September 20, 2021, expect intermittent nighttime closures of the WB SR 60/ Moreno Beach Dr. On/Off ramps Monday - Friday nights from 10PM - 5AM (see detour maps below).

Additionally, expect nighttime lane closers of the WB and EB SR 60 near the Moreno Beach Dr. exit Monday - Friday nights from 10PM - 5AM. Crews will be placing K-rail on the median and shoulder during these lane closers.

Please be cautious of all construction signs, workers, and detour signs.
Safety is our first priority.
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Closures & Detour Maps
Westbound On Ramp Detour Map
10PM - 5AM Intermittently Monday - Friday
During week of Sep 20, 2021
Westbound Off Ramp Detour Map
10PM - 5AM Intermittently Monday - Friday
During week of Sep 20, 2021
Project Description:
Moreno Beach Drive Bridge Project

The project replaces damaged pavement, provides enhanced safety improvements to the fifty–year–old Caltrans bridge, relieves traffic congestion around the freeway interchange, and installs needed underground storm drain facilities to mitigate flooding. The Moreno Beach Drive project will replace a two-lane bridge with a seven-lane bridge and reconfigure the north side of the interchange to allow easier access to and from the freeway. Improvements include a new westbound auxiliary lane, as well as a dedicated southbound Moreno Beach Drive to westbound State Route 60 on-ramp.

There may be short periods when lanes or ramps are closed. Detours and access for pedestrians and bicyclists will be available. Properties and businesses will have consistent access. The State Route 60/Moreno Beach Drive on/off ramps will be closed for several days to expedite construction and provide a safe work environment. The City will provide advanced notice for all closures. The Contractor, Spectrum Construction Group Inc., expects bridge construction to be completed by early 2023.


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