We brought the heat!
A couple of years ago, I traveled to a very very remote region of India in search of Ghost Pepper, one of the hottest chilis in the world. The region is so far away from modern civilization that fertilizers and pesticide residue haven't reached there. The land is pristine and the people resilient. The people in this region use ghost pepper to flavor their food even though it's crazy hot because other spices don't grow there - it's too remote. The peppers are meticulously harvested by hand and then slowly dried in a wood-fired oven. During this process, the peppers acquire a lovely, smoky flavor. We brought these peppers all the way back from India (taking a lot of care!) and had them tested and certified USDA organic. We are excited to offer a new line of ghost pepper products for our adventurous chili lovers!

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~ Sandeep
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Meet this hot new family!
KICK Salt!
Pure Ghost Pepper too hot for you? Try our mild-to-medium blend of Himalayan Pink Salt and Smoked Ghost Pepper. It's just the right amount of "KICK" that combines both the heat and flavor of ghost pepper. Add the amount of salt you would normally add to food, and it will product a mild-to-medium heat from smoked ghost pepper.
A Date with Tamarind™
We are now accepting pre-orders for our long-awaited Tamarind Date Chutney! Simple ingredients and simply delicious.

This mouth-watering condiment is the perfect sidekick to Indian hors d'oeuvres like samosas, pakoras, and pappadam. Dollop on fish tacos. Glaze or marinate chicken or shrimp. Stir into soup. Smear on pizza or a grilled sandwich. Enjoy on Hors d'oeuvres. Savor on cheeses. Endless possibilities!
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We will choose 3 winners who will win one of each:
(1) Ghost Pepper Ground - 0.6 oz jar
(1) Tamarind Date Chutney - 11 oz jar