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January 2024 Issue

Join Us This Summer for the Latest in STEM Trends at our Annual Stakeholder Event

We've officially set the date for our annual State of STEM Stakeholder Breakfast. We invite the entire C-STEM community to join us the morning of June 7 to learn about our latest findings and upcoming trends in STEM education.

STEM Education Insights

Personal Finance in Schools is Crucial

Written by: Reagan Flowers, Ph.D.

Unlike many math classes in school, personal finance is one that every student can apply to his or her life as an adult. It’s especially crucial for disadvantaged and impoverished students with the potential to build a different life than previous generations.

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The C-STEM Challenge theme for the 2023-2024 academic year

A Sustainable Horizon: Empowering Collective Action for Carbon Neutrality

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Opportunities & Deadlines


Don't miss out on upcoming STEM opportunities! This month, we’ve compiled even more opportunities to share!

For Students & Parents

Young Scientist Challenge

The annual 3M Young Scientist Challenge invites students in grades 5-8 to compete for an exclusive mentorship with a 3M scientist, a $25,000 grand prize, and the chance to earn the title of “America’s Top Young Scientist.” 

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STEM Scholarships

Get information on 34 STEM scholarships you can apply for now.

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For Teachers & Leaders

Virtual STEM Field Trip

Take your students on a virtual trip overseas with 7-time Olympic Champion, 21-time World Champion, and 3-time Olympian Katie Ledecky as she visits a future-forward region of Japan where sustainable science is being used to transform everyday life for the better. Students will explore ways that exciting innovations in robotics, smart mobility solutions, and renewable energy are being used by STEM experts at Panasonic to help make sustainable smart towns a reality.

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C-STEM Welcomes New Program Director

Please give a warm welcome to new C-STEM Program Director Tiffany Simon. She brings a background rooted in both science and education. "I hold a degree in Biology, which has been instrumental in shaping my educational journey. I have a robust background in teaching various subjects, including Biology, Physics, and Geometry. Currently, I am passionate about and actively engaged in teaching robotics, an area that merges my scientific knowledge with innovative educational practices," she said.

As Program Director, Simon will focus on designing and developing new curriculum, resources, and updates aligned with the latest curriculum standards. This includes enhancing the teacher experience with the Integrated C-STEM Training Institute (ICTI) as well as managing and implementing training sessions to ensure effective delivery of educational programs.

Simon became familiar with C-STEM while a teacher in Northforest ISD. "I was drawn to C-STEM due to its innovative approach and steadfast commitment to providing students and educators with the necessary tools for success in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). This dedication resonated deeply with my own passion for fostering learning and empowerment through these disciplines," she said.

She excited to apply her genuine joy for helping others at C-STEM. "Witnessing the growth and success of my students beyond the confines of the classroom brings me immense fulfillment and motivates me in my educational endeavors," she said.

Blast from the Past

C-STEM Reaches Far and Wide

We love taking you down memory lane. As prepare for this summer's Stakeholder Breakfast, we thought it was the perfect time to share video from the breakfast this past year. We hope you see some familiar faces and it brings up some fond memories!

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The Benefits of Early STEM Education

Dream of smart sustainability hangs on STEM education

Girls are still less likely than boys to feel they belong in STEM

Elon Musk Plans to Open New University in Texas, Focusing on STEM Education

The Rise of STEM Toys: Why They’re Important

Why STEM Career Days are a Great Idea

Emerging Trends in Education

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