Dear Readers,

Last week as I was walking out of Neat with my usual drip coffee, a car pulled up and a window rolled down: "I absolutely love Barrett's newsletters. Every time I open one, it feels like we're having a friendly chat." These few words made a big impact; once again, we're dealing with news of another variant, ensuring that we head into the holidays not footloose and fancy-free but cautiously, weighing the price of a handshake or a hug with potential days in bed. It's a delicate dance, caution threading to sever connection at the very moment we need it most. And yet, there are many bright moments to be found. You, dear customers, keep showing up and supporting our work no matter what the circumstances. So no matter whether we converse in person or on the page, we hope you know how deeply grateful we are for you during the most uncertain of times. As booksellers it is our joy and priviledge to engage in conversation, learn more about what's going on in your life, and hopefully connect you to books and words that make it all more bearable. Thank you for your continued support.

Now onto business: no time for a full Friday Five this week (yes, I know it's Wednesday - best laid plans!) — sometimes, if you can believe it, booksellers are too busy to read. But I do have a few brief, book-related thoughts to share so if you have a few minutes to spare, read on. Below we also have news about a VERY special limited edition book, recommendations for last minute presents, and holiday hours so you can plan accordingly. Finally, we'll be taking a brief hiatus from social media from Christmas Eve through New Year's Day and we hope you are also able to take whatever break necessary to ensure a full re-charge for the year head. We wish you all a very merry holiday and a bright new year.