Enjoy photos and testimonies from the Pebbles and Stones Asia-Pacific training trip!
Kathleen and Dan are back! 

We are excited to share that the six Pebbles and Stones trainings we just held in Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos have already made a big impact by bringing the generations together to reach Asia with the love of Christ.  Training attendees included numerous pastors and teachers from 16 countries, and also included 11 One Hope country leaders representing 9  countries.

Over twenty-four days, more than 400 leaders were trained to implement the Pebbles and Stones ministry model.  These leaders plan to reach  10,000 children with the Gospel by the end of this year .  One country is preparing to reach 800,000 children in 2016 using God's Big Story, the curriculum developed by Pebbles and Stones and One Hope.  

The Pebbles and Stones teaching model is a simple and effective, Bible-focused way to simultaneously bring together a variety of age groups through our unique story-telling method.  After a warm welcome and  time of worship, we tell a Bible story. Then we give each participant time to listen to what God is saying to them   through the story; have a journaling time for each participant to record what God is telling them; have each participant share his or her journaling; and then have the participants pray for each other individually based on what they have shared. In this way, each Pebbles and Stones lesson incorporates multiple learning-styles, helping participants to draw closer to God.

Asia-Pacific Testimonies

"My life will never be the same. God has shown me so much through the training. I came expecting to learn how to teach, but God did more than that, He touched my heart." 

"I've been to a lot of trainings and conferences, but I have never been in one like this. It was better than all of them combined."
Creating a Safe Place for Children

UNICEF reports that in Laos, violence is a culturally acceptable way to discipline and educate children. In Thailand child prostitution involves over 800,000 children under the age of sixteen. 

To address these issues, Dan developed and incorporated a new segment into the Pebbles and Stones training focused on creating a safe environment for children. He taught it in Bangkok for the One Hope country leaders.  They were so thankful for the information. Several of them said, "We know child abuse is a big problem in our countries but no one talks about it; thank you for helping us to talk about it, educate our people and work to prevent it." 

Waiting for the Holy Spirit

"So Kathleen, tell me about your ministry.  Do you have puppets? Mime? Skits?"
"No," I answered.
"What do you have?" 
"The promise of the Father that He would send His Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit would teach, lead, guide, comfort, and bring to remembrance all that Jesus taught.   And if some disaster made it  impossible to share the gospel here, I am confident that the Holy Spirit would remain with each one."
"How much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!" - Luke 11:13b

"Don't be Afraid; You must go and be the light.   I am coming soon!  Go and tell others about me!" 

At the Cambodia training more than seventy-five of the participants  were under the age of 16. Many of them after praying and journaling shared what God had said to them.  These young people were on fire as they encouraged thos e present not to be afraid of the darkness but to go  as light and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They reminded us that His return is very near! It seems the Father is raising up young evangelists throughout the country's twenty-four provinces.  

The Lord sent His word and healed them

"My mother wanted to attend the meeting but she could not.  She is in pain and has poor circulation in her legs.  It is difficult for her to walk even from her bed to the bathroom. Would you please pray for her?"
"Yes, of course." I (Kathleen) said. The next day this young woman and her mother greeted me with big smiles. They were so excited as they shared about the healing.  

Kathleen experienced her own miraculous healing after she severely sprained her ankle in Laos. On the way to the clinic those in the car with her prayed.  Her x-ray confirmed the sprain. She was told not to put any weight on it, to elevate and ice it for two days. The next day, she had no bruising or swelling and was able to teach." 
Asia-Pacific Map
Thank-you for making this trip possible!

Your prayer support and financial generosity have made it possible for us to share the Gospel through these Pebbles and Stones trainings in Thailand, Taiwan, Cambodia and Laos, where less than 5% of the people currently know the Good News of Jesus Christ. Thank for continuing to partner with us to bring the generations together to experience God's love. 

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