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Stop by to experience the latest innovation in photosynthetic and chlorophyll fluorescence measurement available.

Test drive the CIRAS-4 Portable Photosynthesis System: The lightning-fast portable powerhouse elevating research worldwide!

Today's research demands fast response technology & the most precise data available.True portability, speed, & accuracy are essential.

The lightweight CIRAS-4 Portable Photosynthesis System is optimized for the fastest, most accurate measurement of photosynthesis available and offers exceptionally intuitive, customizable advanced software that is so easy to use, you can begin taking measurements right out of the box.

Does your research include the measurement of rapid A/Ci curves?

Ask us about the SSCO2R™ Method: The fastest, most accurate, streamlined method available for the rapid measurement of A/Ci — Generate data in real-time—no post-processing!

Stability criteria for up to 12 parameters

Set your own stability criteria for up to 12 parameters to alert you and the system when measurements are stable and ready to record.

Great for novice users!

Learn more about the CIRAS-4 Portable Photosynthesis System

NEW! FMS-300 Pulse Amplitude Modulated (PAM) Fluorometer for teaching & research


A wide range of features and capabilities allow the FMS-300 to demonstrate complex concepts, conduct experiments, collect data, analyze results, and facilitate collaborative learning or research projects.

The FMS-300 is quick and easy to acquire and analyze data associated with pulse-modulated (PAM) and fast-fluorescence (OJIP) types of fluorometry. It is also a powerful research instrument offering data acquisition of exceptional quality.

  • Fast & slow fluorescence data for every saturating flash event

  • Exceptional signal quality

  • Multiple pre-set (but configurable) protocols for light- & dark-adapted kinetics

  • Measuring light & actinic/saturating LED color options
Learn more about the FMS-300

The continuous-excitation chlorophyll fluorescence analyzer that is compact & highly portable.

The rugged yet lightweight design makes the Handy PEA Plus particularly suitable for rapid, large-scale screening of samples in the field or greenhouse in both research and teaching applications.

The Handy PEA+ is simple to configure and operate and sophisticated electronics provide the high-time resolution essential in performing measurements of fast chlorophyll fluorescence induction kinetics.

Learn more about the Handy PEA Plus

Achieve PC control of oxygen uptake or evolution measurements across a broad range of research applications

Two versions of the Oxytherm+ provide the ultimate in flexibility allowing studies of a wide range of samples from state respiration changes in mitochondrial suspensions in the Oxytherm+R (Respiration) to light response measurements of isolated chloroplast suspensions in Oxytherm+P (Photosynthesis).

Learn more about the Oxytherm+

Stop by Booth #411.

Tell us about your research & stay for a demonstration!

What Conferences Do You Attend? We're always looking for conferences that benefit our researchers. Let us know and we may see you there!

The Ultimate Research Experience

We have always understood the importance of working closely with experienced end-users as well as the next generation of scientists to continually refine the role of instrumentation as a seamless extension of the thought process of every student of science.

Our drive to constantly innovate provides you with the most advanced, rugged, and easy-to-use instruments with unsurpassed accuracy available.

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