In the zodiac, Taureans are known for their steadfast, loyal, and reliable nature. But what about this Taurus with the Johnny Rose eyebrows and smile for days? Exactly the same—and, might we add, even more playful! An athletic Black Mouth Cur, Taurus is an exceptional outdoorsman. Hiking around Connecticut is his favorite thing (second only to playing tug-of-war with his prized stuffed animal, Duckie), and he hopes to meet a family this summer who will take him to the state’s prettiest parks.

How old is Taurus?
Around one-and-half years old.

Is he house-trained?
You bet!

What’s Taurus’s horoscope this month?
We predict a great household will want to welcome Taurus into their home with open arms, teaching him new tricks and taking him out for long walks around the state’s most beautiful parks. Will it be you?

Anything else to know about Taurus?
Taurus would do best in a home without cats, smaller animals, or young children. He can be cautious when meeting men, but he quickly warms up to most after proper introductions and a little time.

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