We offer FREE community presentations on topics related to mental health!
1 in 5 people are diagnosed with a mental illness, which means we all probably know or care about someone who may be struggling with his/her mental health. However, due to stigma and widespread misconceptions about mental illnesses, a vast majority of people do not get the treatment that they need. Part of our mission at the Mind Health Institute, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach is to provide quality mental health education to our families and communities as we believe that raising awareness is the first step towards improving the collective mental health in our community and beyond.

Below is a list of presentations and topics that we have already prepared and presented to a wide range of schools and community organizations. We can also customize a presentation to fit the needs of your audience.
Due to Covid-19, we are also available for virtual presentations and webinars via Zoom or other video platforms.
Title: A Parent's Guide to Understanding and Supporting Kids' Mental Health

This presentation is 45-60 minutes and goes over common mental health conditions (i.e., depression, anxiety, ADHD, learning disorders, behavioral challenges), including signs/symptoms and how parents can intervene. We also review strategies for parents to support general wellbeing (e.g., how to encourage healthy social media use, sleep, general health behaviors, etc.) and provide resources to do so.
Title: Social Media and Electronic Use in Kids: The Impact on Mental Health

This presentation is 45-60 minutes and reviews recent research on electronic and social media use in kids and teens and its impact on mental health. We also review helpful tips for parents to help their kids develop healthy habits and balance electronic use with other important physical and prosocial activities.
Title: How to Deal with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression in High School and Beyond

This presentation is 20-30 minutes and gives a basic overview for teens to recognize signs and symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, and teaches them coping strategies to reduce symptoms. We also touch upon what is "normal" stress and anxiety and when it might cross the threshold into needing professional help.   
Title: Staff Self-Care: Increase Compassion and Decrease Burnout

This presentation is 20-30 minutes and reviews coping strategies to reduce staff burnout in schools. We hope to empower staff to learn what to look out for and how to support their own students who may be dealing with depression and/or anxiety (e.g., how to encourage kids to face challenges versus when to refer for more help). 
Title: Suicide Awareness and Prevention Strategies

This presentation is 45-60 minutes and goes over suicide warning signs, contributing factors, protective and risk factors, as well as strategies for prevention and safety planning at the individual and community level.
If you are interested in having us provide a presentation for members of your school or organization, please contact us at (949) 891-0307 or outreach@mhi-nb.com.