Update from the Peruvian Amazon August 1, 2020
COVID Relief Campaign Update: In the past two weeks, the Center for Amazon Community Ecology has received over $28,000 to help our partner communities in the Peruvian Amazon cope with the COVID crisis. We have so far sent medicines to help people in 16 communities and sent basic food and cleaning supplies to 104 artisan families. Our next deliveries will go to several hundred more families. We sincerely thank all of you who have supported this campaign and are very grateful to the Sisters of Mercy and an anonymous donor for their generous gifts. The situation is getting better in some communities and much worse in others like native communities in the Ampiyacu where 70 to 90% of the people have tested positive for COVID.

Join CACE Exec. Director Campbell Plowden on Facebook Live when he shares photos and stories about why and how he founded CACE, why he was so passionate about studying copal trees, aromatic resin and beetles for 18 years and how he met the group's first artisan partners in Peru. His talk will last about 20 minutes. Comments will be welcome in the chat box. The session will be recorded for later viewing.

.Join us on Zoom for a live visit to the Amazon Forest Store in Camp Hill, PA. Campbell Plowden will show and tell stories about crafts made by CACE's artisan partners in Peru, test maracas, answer any questions about the crafts or CACE, and invite attenders to answer questions in the virtual Nature Trivia Quiz. Join us for some fun and a unique online shopping experience.
We envision Amazonia as the place where people create sustainable livelihoods, form vibrant communities, and regenerate the world’s largest rainforest. CACE is committed to help make this dream a reality. Please join us.