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Vision News and Updates                          September, 2017
REMEMBER: Meetings are on the 1st WEDNESDAY of the month 
 and Guest Fees are $5.
September VAST Meeting
Wednesday, September 6, 7-9 pm
VAST 2017/2018 Speaker Series: 
Jim Gilliam, 
Little Elm's Cadillac Art & Frame
"The business of framing your work." 

Jim and Brandy Gilliam run this custom picture frame shop & art gallery store, a family owned business. Jim has been selling custom framing pictures, shadow boxes, diplomas, wedding photos, art,  photography, and jerseys since 1984. They are very excited to bring a brand new company to  Little Elm, TX. ...and  they are even more excited to provide a presentation on the business of framing your work .

Meetings are held at the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center, 400 East Hickory St, Denton, TX.
Next Meeting: (New time!!)
October 4, from 6:45 - 9:00 pm
Members: Free, Guests: $5

A Note from our VAST Treasurer, Carol Rowley
How YOU can help!
Welcome back, VAST Membership!

VAST income in membership fees for our 2017-2018 membership year (June 1 to May 31) is budgeted to be $4900. 

We have estimated VAST expenses to be $8,778. That is a shortfall of $3,978. Some of these expenses are directly related to membership benefits:
  • 9 monthly VAST meetings, including 8 artists' demonstrations & VASTFest, 
  • VISION e-newsletter 
  • VAST website including hosting, maintenance and use of electronic payment features 
  • the professional and businesslike running of VAST itself 
For many years VAST has purposefully kept its annual membership fees low, in order to be the most inclusive it can be. However, VAST membership fees do not cover the costs of VAST's membership benefits. VAST has made up this gap in several ways, all involving "Fundraising." 

These fundraising efforts are:
  • Sale of the annual VAST calendar sponsorships - This calendar is "sponsored" by local businesses (please thank them if you can!) to the tune of $2200 raised. This involves usually one or two VAST members canvassing the community for those willing to sponsor the effort. 
  • Sale of the annual VAST calendar to members and the community - Members who buy one VAST calendar or more to give as small gifts, help to raise money to cover all of VAST's expenses! Last year calendar sales were about 181 calendars sold, for $11 each INCLUDING the sales taxes owed. VAST can and should do better in its sales, but sales have not been increasing year to year as your Vast Board would wish. How can YOU help? Buy a calendar - buy several calendars. They are fun ways to recognize your fellow artists in gifts to others. Last year the VAST Calendar added $3,099 to the VAST budget. Overall it is an IMPORTANT contributor of income.
  • Exhibit sponsorships and donations - Because VAST expenses for the Members' Exhibit, the 125-Mile Exhibit, and the Merging Visions Exhibit are not covered by membership fees together with the Calendar fundraiser, VAST has solicited from both the community and its membership monetary and in-kind support for VAST exhibits. Exhibit expenses include announcing, jurying, producing a catalog, awarding prizes and holding a reception. Finding the money and relevant in-kind donations has in the past been solicited by a VAST volunteer. These donations and the exhibit entry fees have covered 99% of the expenses of the VAST exhibits.
What's Happening Now and for the Future? 

The VAST Board has proposed that VAST members be offered the opportunity to donate to the exhibits through monetary donations of any size - separate from their membership fee. Members donating will be recognized in the exhibit catalog (depending on the timing of their donation). Members wishing to contribute a minimum of $100, or greater amounts, to the exhibits' expenses are encouraged to do so EARLY so that they can name one of the awards after themselves or another worthy person. You may join with others in sponsoring and naming an award. The  VAST Sponsorship Form  (Found Here  and on the website) will give you more information and assist you in getting the information to VAST.  

The VAST Board is encouraging all members to consider contributing towards the exhibits as soon as possible. VAST members who know of interested community businesses or persons who would donate are encouraged to pursue this with these people/businesses. If you have any questions, need the Member Sponsor Form emailed to you, or wish to discuss this new fundraising method, please contact the Treasurer by email. 

Carol Rowley, Treasurer,

Link to Sponsorship Form
VAST Watercolor Workshop with Mickey Archer SWS, TXN
September 25-27, 2017 MTW
"During the three day workshop, I hope to expose the class to a variety of alternate techniques that you may not be used to. First day, we will be painting on a colored watercolor paper using watercolor and gouache. The second day, we will be doing a portrait using an underpainting to illuminate your painting, and the third day we will tackle a more complicated portrait."

"I've found some very simple color combinations to get great skin tones which we will employ. Western subject matter has been a primary focus of my painting since I retired from architecture in 2008 and I hope to give the class some ideas for finding similar subjects to paint. A large number of Indian POW WOW's are held at this time of year and are great venues for lots of colorful dancers. I will be furnishing photo copies of the subject matter we will be painting, however, if you wish to paint something different, you certainly may do so."
See Mickey Archer's work a mickey

Cost: VAST Members: $195; Non-Members $230
Patterson Appleton Arts Center, Denton (corner of Hickory and Bell) 
Daily Time: 9:30 - 4:00, with a lunch break; 9:30 - 2:00 on the last day
Registration Fee : The registration fee is $50.00, and is due at the time of signing up for the workshop. This fee is non-refundable. 
Please make the check out to VAST, and send to:
Kristin Spalding (214-578-0357, 2507 High Pointe Blvd.
McKinney, TX 75071

Cancellation by Participant : If a participant must cancel, the VAST workshop coordinator will first attempt to fill the open spot from the official VAST waiting list. If there is no waiting list, the canceling participant is free to attempt to fill the spot on his/her own. No refunds will be made a month or less prior to the class.
Cancellation by VAST : If there are not enough participants to cover workshop costs, or if VAST must cancel for any other reason, participants will be notified by workshop coordinator and will promptly receive a full refund, including deposit. 

VAST Figure Drawing Group
Open to Members

VAST sponsors a monthly drawing session with a live model. This two hour open studio will have no instructor. The group is available to VAST members only. 

Each meeting will have both short and long poses. The model will be clothed. Participants will share the cost of the model. All participants will be responsible for putting the room back in order.

Meeting day: one Thursday each month  
Time: 10 AM to 12 Noon
2017 Dates at the P-A Arts Center: September 28, October 26, November 9, December 14
2018 Dates at the P-A Arts Center: January 25, February 22, March 22, April 26, May 24

Because studio space is limited, it will be necessary for interested artists to reserve a space. If you have not yet reserved your space or have questions, please contact Susan Boyle at:, or leave a message at  940-387-4376.

Merging Visions
Poetry should be available at the October VAST meeting. The exhibition is scheduled for a later date.

2017-2018 VAST Membership Fees are Due
Our new website will soon be available for members to fill in their information and pay dues. You will be notified by email. Until then, if you are not current, please use the form link below and mail it in with payment or pay at the September meeting. Thank you!
Millie Johnson is our Sunshine Chair
Please contact her at or 940.387.7688 if you know of a member who needs well wishes sent or thoughts of sympathy.

Member Workshops, Classifieds,  Want Ads, Etc.
VAST Members have the opportunity to advertise art related information in the newsletter  2 times per VAST year - June 1st through May 31st.  This business card-sized ad must be sent to the editor by the 15th of the month and is subject to the approval of VAST.  VAST reserves the right to edit.


This year approximately 500 organizations in the Arts, Culture & Humanities category are asking for your donations to support their programs.
You can browse the list of organizations alphabetically or sort by county, city or matching funds availability.Or do a name search.
Although the designated day is September 14th, you can also set up donations beforehand to process automatically on that day (as early as Sept. 7th).

For more information: h
ttps:// .

Meadows Museum at SMU, Picasso/Rivera: Still Life and the Precedence of Form
August 6 - November 5

A focused exhibition,  Picasso/Rivera: Still Life and the Precedence of Form explores the story of spirited rivalry between Picasso and Rivera through the lens of selected works, notably Picasso's  Still Life in a Landscape (1915) from the Meadows Museum's collection, and Rivera's  Still Life with Gray Bowl (LBJ Presidential Library, Austin), painted in the same year. Together with a key work by each artist generously loaned from the Columbus Museum of Art, this group of paintings will outline the visual dialogue taking place in 1915 between these two giants of modern art. 

Lecture: "Diego Rivera: From the School of Paris to the Birth of the Mexican School"  Thursday, September 21, 6:00 P.M.

Accompanying the exhibition  Picasso/Rivera: Still Life and the Precedence of Form, this lecture will focus on Rivera's early period and his subsequent shift toward mural painting and the creations of the Mexican school in the following decades.   Augustín Arteaga, Eugene McDermott Director of the Dallas Museum of Art; Free, reservations required, 214.768.8587.

Fred Smith Jr. Museum of Art
Norman, Oklahoma
Time with artists, Kiki Smith and Larry NcNeil

September also provides us with the opportunity to interact with two significant contemporary artists. On Sept. 22, the museum is hosting  "An Afternoon with Kiki Smith,"  a roundtable with the distinguished contemporary artist. Presented in conjunction with the Oklahoma State Uni versity Museum of Art exhibition,  Kiki Smith and Paper: The Body, the Muse, and the Spirit , this panel will offer an opportunity to learn more about Smith's oeuvre. Speakers include the artist herself, as well as Jennifer Borland, associate professor of art history at Oklahoma State University, and independent curator Wendy Weitman. We would like to thank our colleagues at the Oklahoma State Museum of Art, especially Director Vicky Berry, as well as Bill Goldston, Director of Universal Limited Art Editions, for helping to make this program possible.

The following day, the museum will host a lecture by artist Larry McNeil. For the Native American photographer and printmaker, art is about the intersection of cultures, American mythology, irony, and satire. McNeil, who is a member of the Tlingit and Nishka tribes and professor at Boise State University, is scheduled to deliver a complimentary lecture at 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 23. We appreciate the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in making this lecture possible.

For more information.
2017 Calendar Focus - September
Thanks to Dave's Foreign Car Service for supporting VAST!

2017 Calendar Focus - July 
Smitty's Floor Covering supports our artists, stop in and check out their wares.

2017 Calendar Focus - August
Besides helping VAST, Ruth's Room benefits Habitat for Humanity of Denton County. Thank you!

Members in the News

Please submit news of exhibitions that you are involved in to by the 15th of the month.

VAST's "Revolving Exhibitions"
Please contact the coordinator for the exhibit(s) that you would like to be considered for.
"Off the Shelves"  exhibition at Emily Fowler Central Library

Mary Simon will have her work on exhibit through  Thanksgiving.
Coordinator for exhibit: Mindy Faubion,
The Emily Fowler Central Library is located at 502 Oakland Street. Hours are: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 9 am to 6 pm; Tuesday and Thursday 9 am to 9 pm,                         
Sunday 1 to 5 pm. 
502 Oakland St.,  Denton TX, 76201

"Outside the Box" exhibition at PointBank Black Box Theater 

Deanna Wood is currently exhibiting her series Personal Space through November 10. The Black Box is located at 318 E. Hickory, and the hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.

Deanna writes in her artist statement:
We leave our mark on places, but I believe they also leave marks on us. This series explores that idea - how these places shape us, how we remember meaningful places, and how our memories of such places change over time.
Scraps of wallpaper and maps, images of houses and the fading silhouettes of possible residents explore domesticity and memory.
The encaustic process involves melting beeswax with a natural resin and then adding pigment. Hot wax is brushed onto the surface and then fused with a heat gun or torch. I was drawn to encaustic because of the tactile quality and the endless possibilities to explore transparency and opacity.

Born in Houston in 1966, Deanna Wood spent most of her childhood moving around the country with her family, returning to Texas in 1982. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts in graphic design, both from Texas Woman's University. She worked as a graphic designer in a corporate environment for 14 years. Wood decided to leave the corporate world behind to pursue a career in fine art, receiving a Master of Fine Arts in painting from Texas Woman's University in 2004. She lives in Denton, Texas.

Coordinator for exhibit: Jo Williams at
The PointBank Black Box Theater Exhibition is co-sponsored by Denton Community Theater and VAST, and is located at 318 E. Hickory. For information on DCT, call 940.382.1915.
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am - 1:00pm.  Art may also be viewed during any of the performances at the Black Box.

"Through the Ages" exhibition at the Denton Senior Center
Carol Stoecker will be exhibiting her work through September.
Carol Stoecker is a local artist, making her 18 year business of art a full time job. Not only does she paint canvas paintings, but also murals, faux finishes and textured stone and brick for residential and commercial clients. You can see some of her work at Blue Goose Cantina, Aw Shucks, Grapes To Wine (Bartonville). Carol has also painted murals in many DFW Grand model homes over the years. 
Make sure to look closely at the Neon paintings! Some have messages hidden in them. The office will have a flashlight to help you locate special messages. 
Carol's FUR BABY collection has been a big hit. She makes sure to get all the markings in the right place and capture their personality in their eyes! Contact Carol if you would like a special painting of YOUR fur baby!

Coordinator for exhibit: Isabel Cano,
The Denton Senior Center is located at  509 N. Bell Ave., Denton, TX 
Hours: M-F 8:00 am to 9:00 pm; Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

"Stoked About Denton" Exhibition is a new Revolving Exhibit in Denton. 
It is located walking distance from the Patterson-Appleton Center at 608 E. Hickory St., Suite 128. 
New artists for the Stoked About Denton Exhibition will be Lin Hampton and Darla Bostick. Their work will be up until early November.
Lin Hampton works through her artistic demons by approaching her ideas as a Series. Her current series explores the world of blue still, deep water. Does this reflect a metaphor of old existence? Well, it is mysterious. Hampton prefers oils, but also works in acrylic and pastel.
A longtime resident of Denton, Lin is active in the Visual Arts Society of Texas, and has competed and placed in national and regional competitions. Hampton was awarded the Grumbacher Gold Medallion. 
Lin Hampton believes in experiencing life deeply.  She has worked at many different careers, but has always yearned to simply spend her days in the studio, devoured by creativity. You can visit her at the Red Door Studio on Robinson Road, where she teaches art on Wednesday and Thursday, and paints every moment she can.

Darla Bostick, Artist Statement: 
I have been an art student my entire life and an art educator for 40 years...teaching all ages. Each fall I lead a workshop/retreat at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico and one in Branson, MO; each spring I lead an Art Adventures Abroad (we have been to Spain, Portugal and Ireland) and between those I teach workshops in the Denton area.

I firmly believe we must never stop learning and expanding our knowledge and experiences. We are born with a wonderful gift. We are born as creative beings, responding to color, light, pattern and movement. To declare oneself an artist is a great revelation! We respond, create, and touch others with our creations. I want to show others the world as I see it, through my photographs, paintings, drawings, mosaics, prints...whatever media carries my vision.
The greatest gift an artist possesses is to touch the life of another person. Through art, much can be said without speaking a word. As an educator I have the privilege (and responsibility) to encourage and, hopefully, make a difference in another person's way of perceiving the world around them, thinking of new ideas and creating a tangible piece of their vision.   
My motto is "Art is Life!" I challenge others to live it to the fullest and make a difference to someone every day.

Carol Stoecker is the coordinator for this exhibition. If you are interested in showing, please contact her at

Art Around Town
A Creative Art STUDIO
227 W. Oak Street, Suite 101
Check and  on Facebook for up to date information. 
This month we are featuring our jewelry artists. O n-line registration available.
Patterson-Appleton Arts Center
400 E. Hickory Street, Denton, TX 76201 
Gough Gallery:
Recent Works by Amahigueré Dolo
presented in partnership with the Menil Collection
Opening Reception, Thursday, September 14, 6 - 8 PM
September 15 - December 2, 2017
Meadows Gallery: 
Narrative Threads: The AIDS Memorial Quilt
presented in partnership with UT Dallas and The NAMES Project
October 7 - December 9, 2017
Opening Reception, Friday, October 6, 6 - 8 PM
For more information:

Texas Woman's University Art Galleries
East Gallery and West Gallery 
The End and The Beginning
Featuring work by Morehshin Allahyari, Martin Back, Sean Miller, and Jenny Vogel. This exhibit is part of an ongoing dialogue about the intersections of humanity, technology, spirituality, and the possibility of magic and mythos amidst chaos. This iteration explores the cyclicality of ecosystemic adaptations that derive from responding to continual shifts in physical, emotional, mental, and technological landscapes.
September 2 -  October 15
For more information:
University of North Texas Art Galleries
Lightwell GalleryUniversity of North Texas Art Building
(1201 W. Mulberry)
The UNT Art Gallery is closed for construction and is projected to
reopen in the fall of 2018. 
Cora Stafford Gallery
Drawing and Painting Junior Review
Artists in the Exhibition:  Elisha Smith, Madison Underwood, Michelle Hinojosa, Jennifer Lindquist, Kendall Bose, Marianna Seaton, Jaime Flores
August 30, 2017
 to  September 16, 2017, from 1pm-5pm
Mon.-Fri. 8am-10pm;  Sat. & Sun. - 12-8pm
For more information: 

UNT on the Square
Crossroads: Small Tapestry International 5
August 17 - September 30

Yes, We are on Facebook.
Search for "Visual Arts Society of Texas" on Facebook or use the link.

2017-2018 Speaker Series
September 6 - Jim Gilliam,  Cadillac Art & Frames             J anuary 3, 2018 - D. Jan Jones
October 4 - Ana Lopez                                                        February 7 - Jo Williams
November 1 - Kim Collins                                                   March 7 - Justine Wallaston
December 6 - VASTFest                                                     April 4 - Angelia Ford
                        May 2 - TBA 
Meetings start in September.
They are held on the first Wednesday of the month, Sept. through May. The meeting location is the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center, 400 East Hickory St, Denton, TX.
7:00 - 9:00 pm for September, 6:45 start time for the following months.
Members: Free        Guests: $5 

VADO - VAST Artist Day Out
VAST Artist Day Out is a day where members may come paint at the Arts Center from 9:00am - 3pm, approximately two mornings a month (usually the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month.)  There is no instructor, it is not a workshop...just an art gathering.  You may paint, sketch, quilt or what ever creative endeavor you desire in the fellowship with your artist friends. Lunch and fellowship are the best parts!

The cost is $10 a year, or $1 a session if you just want to drop in every now and then.  Pay with your dues, or you can send $10 to: 
VAST,  PO Box 1281,  Denton, TX 76202
Questions, contact:  Mary Emerson,

2017/2018 Figure Drawing Group
Time for all sessions:  10 AM to 12 Noon
Meetings are in the craft room at the P-A Arts Center, 400 East Hickory St., Denton
2017/2018 Dates: 
September 28                               January 25, 2018
October 26                                    February 22
November 9                                  March 22
December 14                                April 26
                                                    May 24
Because studio space is limited, it will be necessary for interested artists to reserve a space. If you have not yet reserved your space, please contact Susan Boyle at: , or leave a message at  940-387-4376 .

2017-2018 VAST Membership Levels
$15 - Student        $25 - Educator*      $35 - Individual       $45 - Family 
Make checks payable to  VAST; mail to VAST, PO,  Box 1281, Denton, TX    76202
For membership questions, please contact Mary Wright at
*Educator level of  membership entitles  teachers to bring  students with them to  any monthly meeting with  guest fees waived.  Teachers planning to  bring more than 5 students  to any meeting are requested to contact Mindy Faubion through  so the Hospitality  Committee can plan to  have enough refreshments  on-hand at the meeting.
Link to Membership Form.
For Opportunities and Proposals :

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