It has been more than a year since we we left the pet resort, but we can finally announce that the new housing for our adoption pets will reach its completion soon! Although we will not be able to house as many pets as we have in the past, we are excited to get our adoption program started again. We will have some new protocols for our adoption process, but they will be outlined on our website when the time comes.
Please take the time to check out our new website if you have not done so already. We plan on adding some new reference material in the near future that will hopefully be helpful for those who will be adding a new furry friend to the family. Topics will include subject matter on what to expect when bringing a new pet home and much more. Our goal is to help families and their pets experience successful adoptions. Petfinder also offers a variety of resources that you may find helpful and interesting if you are currently searching for information on pet care. 
It’s certainly worth a look.  
We recently had the pleasure of speaking with a very special group of girl scouts. In order to earn their bronze award merit badges, three of these creative scouts made us some awesome gift bags for our future adoption pets. We were overwhelmed by the time and effort they put into this project. Grizwald, one of our adoption alumni, was happy to join us for our demonstration and he was obviously the star of the show! It was a fun evening for everyone and we want to thank the scouts for having us and making the amazing gift bags!
If you are thinking about adopting a pet, please consider an older pet. Puppies and younger dogs are not always the best fit for all families given their activity levels and the amount of training time involved. Senior pets are ususally housebroken and ready to move in with virtually little to no training. Many senior pets have found themselves in shelters at no fault of their own. A majority of the time, it is a result of their caregiver passing away. Rocky was one of those senior pets who lost his caregiver. He was the loving companion of our friend, Jane, who passed away in 2020. Fortunately for Rocky though, he did not have to see the inside of a shelter and his extended family took him in where he is thriving! We have placed many senior pets throughout the years who have provided their new families with many years of love and affection. Won’t you consider a senior pet? It just might be the best decision you ever made and you can transform the life of a senior pet in need.
“Ryker was adopted in April 2019 at about 11 weeks old and he quickly became his human momma's best friend. He is the sweetest boy with an excellent temperament and loves all people, dogs and cats. He loves putting his Coonhound Mix nose to good use following scents on hikes as well as excelling in canine Nosework competitions. He enjoys being a canine athlete and besides Nosework, he competes in long and short track lure coursing, frisbee league and dock diving. He is also a canine good citizen, a registered therapy dog and has trick dog titles. When he is not busy with all that, he loves hanging out with his doggo besties and providing his momma with the BEST cuddles ever! He also provides a ton of laughter with his crazy antics and acting like a big clown…A huge thank you to ACW for rescuing this amazing boy and allowing me to be his momma.” Congratulations Ryker!

“Today (3/11/22) is Spencer’s 10th birthday. We got him from your rescue. He is doing great. He is a perfect cat, gets along with everyone…My parents are older and he is great company for them while we work. Thank you for rescuing him.” Thanks to Spencer’s family for giving him such a wonderful forever home!  

“You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it”

We are happy to announce that Dr. Becky Morrow recently returned to the area and Frankie’s Friends. Please visit to see some adoptable kitties and how this awesome organization is helping pets in need.

Have a safe and fun summer everyone!
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