Future Home in Paradise!

Last month, after prayerful consideration, we decided to relocate from Mount of Olives Casa Hogar in Uruapan to Guardería Dios Proveherá & Casa Hogar, a daycare and orphanage in the hills where we are serving. While thinking about our future here, we noticed a property across from the orphanage. We discussed the possibility of Blessing Bags International finding a more permanent home in Mexico. Despite the exciting prospect, getting a property loan in Mexico isn’t feasible.

As we daydreamed about this property, we sought God's will for a potential long-term commitment here in Mexico. Friends from our local church agreed to inspect the property for us and surprised us that night by making an offer on the property! Consequently, Blessing Bags International headquarters will soon reside in Paraíso (Paradise!). Although this too was not our plan, we know that “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

While the building process is uncertain, we trust God to lead and provide everything needed. Our initial plan involves building a two-story structure using the existing concrete structure on the left portion and back section of the property for our family and ministry. Anticipating God's work, we're grateful for this journey and invite you to join us in making this dream a reality.

For more information on this and other projects click here!

Video: Home and Mission Center in Paradise Plans

Revamped and Ready:

check out our updated website!

Amidst the ongoing transformations in our ministry, we felt it was the perfect time to give our website a fresh update. Take a moment to explore our revamped website, where you'll discover valuable resources, catch up on previous newsletters, get information about family-friendly mission trips, and much more!

Once you've had a chance to look around, drop us a message to share your thoughts. While you’re there, why not spread the word? Pass along our website to a friend or family member who could find inspiration in discovering ways to serve together as a family.

A special thanks to E-Starr for building us an amazing website!

Reflections on Our Mexico Trip:

No one is too young to serve and make a difference! 

“…I highly recommend this organization and encourage everyone I know to join them on future mission trips. Their careful and thoughtful planning as well as prayerful God-focused hearts afforded us the opportunity to serve as a family in a safe and meaningful way. We all can’t wait for our next chance to go back and serve with Blessing Bags International!!”

-Ruth Jeantet

Read more about Ruth’s experience and others on the SERVE page of our website under “Testimonials!”


Partner with Us, Make a Lasting Impact!

The work we are doing here in Mexico is made possible through the support of generous individuals like you, who contribute both financially and through prayer. If you have not yet joined us in giving, we kindly invite you to consider supporting our mission with a one-time or recurring donation. Your contributions play a vital role in enabling us to share God’s love with those in need through Blessing Bags.

If you are already a valued donor, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support. Your ongoing contributions have made a significant difference in the lives of countless individuals and families.

To make a donation, please click the donation link below. Every contribution, no matter the amount, is deeply appreciated and helps us sustain and expand our efforts to serve others in Jesus’ name.

Thank you for partnering with us. May God bless you abundantly for your generosity.

Quick Trip to Virginia and Florida

We're thrilled to reconnect with our extended family, friends, and supporters! From October 1st to October 12th, Jennifer and Amber will be on the road, visiting, speaking, and hosting (you guessed it) Blessing Bag events. We invite you to join us in our mission to reach and serve with as many families as possible while we're in town.

Below are the dates for our visit and availability. Your help in spreading the word to your church, small groups, Bible study, homeschool group, and more is greatly appreciated, as it will help us find opportunities to speak and participate in Blessing Bag events. Additionally, if anyone has the space and is interested in hosting an event, we can supply the people!

Virginia Available Dates (available in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania):

- Sunday, October 1st: Available anytime

- Wednesday, October 4th: Available anytime

- Thursday, October 5th: Evening only

- Friday, October 6th: Available anytime

Florida Available Dates (available in the Florida panhandle):

- Sunday, October 8th: Evening only

- Monday, October 9th: Available anytime

- Tuesday, October 10th: Available anytime

- Wednesday, October 11th: Morning only

For more information on Jennifer as a speaker, visit the speaker page of our website. Click Here!

For details on hosting a Blessing Bag event Click Here!

We can't wait to reconnect with you soon!"

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