Dear Clients & Friends, 

Wojcicki Law & CPA’s are working from home and available to you. It took us about a week to get up and running remotely, so thank you for your patience. We are back to full speed ahead in servicing you for legal, tax and accounting matters for individuals and for businesses. Call us if you need anything (847) 907-4611.

Taxes – The plan is to proceed with business as usual and get your returns to you as quick as we can, especially those with refunds.

Legal The plan is to stay busy and we ask that you help us . This is great time to get drafted or reviewed, that stalled contract, lease, estate plan (especially older family members), real estate closing, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, etc. Drafting projects are wonderful for remote work. We are holding video legal meetings using Zoom which is free on your smart phone or computer, so there is no reason we cannot meet virtually with you. Zoom even lets us pull up documents to look together. If you too are stuck at home, then we may as well get some things done. Give Lyn Gale a ring (847) 907-4611 ext. 221.

Staying connected is more important than ever and our team is still available via email, phone, online meetings and video conferencing to continue to serve you.

We want to take this time and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience, loyalty, and understanding during these tough time. We hope for a speedy return to “normalcy”, and that we all remain healthy and safe during these difficult times. Thank you and stay safe.

The Wojcicki & The Legacy Alliance Team