APRIL 2018
 Ralston Creek Cohousers
Arvada, Colorado
We Are Growing!
A new couple from Ohio has joined us (that makes two households from Ohio) and we have a new Explorer member from Michigan. We have been working together, holding pot lucks and organizing walks along the Ralston Creek Trail.
We have also been hard at work on our new web site

Ice Cream Social

Our next event is an Ice Cream Social on
National Cohousing Day April 29th, 2:00 - 4:00 pm.
Come by, ask questions, and talk to members.
We will meet at Geos Neighborhood ,
home of Ralston Creek Cohousing.
for exact location.
You will have the opportunity to meet the current members of Ralston Creek and view a completed town home in the Geos Development.

We hope to see you there!
Many cohousing communities will be holding events and open houses on April 29th to spread the word about cohousing. Click on the logo above and it will take you to the complete list of participating cohousing communities all over the country, but especially those in the greater Denver area. If you want to know what it's like to live in cohousing, make a day of it and visit several.
Path To Membership

Ralston Creek CoHousers have two levels of membership.

We invite you to participate in building your dream community.

Start where you feel most comfortable.

  • Come to some events and get to know us. Then we hope you'll become an Explorer.

  • An Explorer invests $250 (non-refundable). As an Explorer you will be invited to join us for meetings, social events, and one on one conversations, all with the goal of you getting to know us, getting all your questions answered, and allowing us to get to know you. If you become a Full Member, your $250 is applied to the Full Member investment.

  • A Full Member invests $1000 (non-refundable and currently being used for marketing/website/professional fees). Please visit our web site Ralston Creek Cohousing for more details.
Visiting Cohousing

My name is Debbie Fox, and I have been a member of Ralston Creek Cohousing since the fall of 2016. I currently live in Ohio but am planning on retiring in Colorado and living in cohousing. Since my children and grandchildren live in Denver, I visit several times a year. During my last visit in January of this year, I was fortunate to stay at Aria Cohousing in their guest room. Most cohousing communities have one or two guest rooms that are available for guests of cohousing members. I was also able to attend a common meal with the entire community. I was very impressed with the stories I heard from several members about their journeys to cohousing. One couple came to Denver from Philadelphia, where they had been unsuccessful in starting a cohousing community after many attempts. Another member moved from Boston, another from San Francisco. They all came specifically to live in cohousing. Now that's impressive! I am very glad I stayed at Aria. My visit really helped me to envision what it would be like to live in cohousing. If you are at all interested in exploring cohousing, and you have the opportunity to stay in an intentional community, I encourage you to check it out. You can find a directory of US, Canada, and UK listings here National Cohousing Association .

It's not too late to attend the 2018 Regional Cohousing Conference
in Boulder, CO, April 20-22, 2018
There will be many very informative sessions to attend
and an opportunity to tour several existing cohousing communities. Representatives from Ralston Creek Cohousing will be attending.

Ralston Creek Cohousers 303-704-2168

 Visit our web site at: www.ralstoncreekcohousing.org