March is known for all things green, and all things related to luck. It's a great time to express our gratitude to our customers, our readers, and our Facebook followers. We sure are LUCKY to have your support!

Spring is Upon Us


April may be the ideal time of year to tend to our outdoor spaces, such as gardens and lawns, but March is a great time of year to begin spring cleaning with our INDOOR projects. To make sure everything is in tip top shape, here is a list of you may want to check out:


Check caulking in bathrooms and kitchen.

Re-caulk any areas that don’t look sealed or are starting to peel away from the surrounding wall. Be sure to check sinks, backsplashes, showers, bathtubs and around the toilet.


Maintenance HVAC system.

Vacuum your HVAC system to remove dirt and debris, and change your filters.


Flush water heater.

Sediment can accumulate in your tank over time, its efficiency. Without regular cleanings, that sediment can calcify and become nearly impossible to get rid of.


Clean the laundry room.

You may have put a lot of strain on your washer and dryer lately with comforters and heavy blankets. Remove mold and mildew, which is unsanitary and makes your laundry smell. Also, check the dryer vent and remove any buildup.



Clean out expired food in the freezer and pantry. Also clean the appliances, including the oven and range hood, toaster and garbage disposal. De-scale the coffee maker while you’re at it.



For routine cleaning, simply use a microfiber cloth or vacuum attachment to dust baseboard, blinds, ceiling fans, and furniture.


Inspect outdoors.

Walk around the outside of your home and inspect for any seasonal damage. Look for leaks or cracks caused by shifts in the foundation, and roofing and window damage.


If your walls are looking chalky, chipped or just dull, call our team for a free and easy paint estimate!

Thinking about going Green?

If you are considering a new painting project this year, Sherwin WIlliams has an assortment of colors to choose from with fantastic tools to help you visualize the colors in your space.

Visit the Sherwin Williams website or use their ColorSnap Visualizer to create your own masterpiece of color in your home.

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