• In one of Food & Wine Magazine's first full-length tea features, The Cultured Cup was name-dropped as one of the best tea shops!
  • We totally agree and are highlighting ways we think our store stands out, with exclusive teas, unique finds, Mariage Frères, educational tastings, and more.
  • Not just tea: We love our coffee flavors too!
  • Don't forget to sign up for the last installment of the All from the Same Leaf tasting series, featuring mysterious dark and pu'er teas.

Several weeks ago, a longtime customer came into The Cultured Cup, and excitedly, told us, “Do you know that The Cultured Cup was named in the April 2024 edition of Food & Wine Magazine as one of the 8 best tea shops in the U.S.? We didn’t know, but it was the best surprise possible!

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We love to experiment with tea and coffee to create new, unexpected, and delicious flavors. We, of course, have long-standing favorites like Mountain Odyssey, Brewed Calm, and Rèveiller, but we periodically bring in new options, like this year's Rowdy's Blend.

We also stand out by providing personalized service for our customers. We have helped our restaurants create and pair teas with their menus, made custom teas to emulate a theme for events and weddings, and created on-the-fly blends for customers who stop by. We even created a tea for a novel series by Colin Cahoon in which the main character enjoys his Jenkin's blend with a splash of scotch!

25th Anniversary Blend

We revisit a blend that celebrated The Cultured Cup's 25th year. This tea deliciously stretches the boundaries of flavor possibilities by carefully mixing a tippy Yunan black tea, a Chinese white tea with only leaf buds, and a bold Sri Lankan black tea with vanilla flavoring.



The Cultured Cup team takes pride in finding rare and interesting tea and coffee from around the world to delight and expand our customers' taste buds. From Kyle scouring China's tea regions to bring the best Dragonwells, Wuyi Teas, and the elusive Ancient Tree, to Phil sourcing the only 100% pure Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee available in DFW, and from Timothy's Arka Masala Chai, which offers a unique take on an Indian staple, to discovering an uncommon blend of two distinct tea types like our Breakfast Hojicha Genmai, we always have a new flavor adventure for you to discover!


The enormous leaves come from a tea cultivar and yield a fresh green flavor, with notes of snow peas and watercress. Its mellow flavor is the type of tea that can sit as you top off the leaves with more water throughout the day.



We carefully select our tea and coffee ware and partner with local artists to offer products that are functional, beautiful, and uncommon. One of our most popular lines is the one-of-a-kind matcha bowls and yunomis made by award-winning local potter Ginny Marsh. Other handmade favorites include our hand-hug mugs and artisan chocolates. Besides unusual designs, we also carry industry-leading brewing equipment like Fellow's temperature-controlled kettles and Jura automatic coffee machines.


During a trip to China, Kyle made a connection who introduced him to suppliers of exquisite tea sets and accessories made from luxe materials. These items include ceremonial tea sets, sought-after glazes, purple clay, and cups with precious metals, all of which will elevate any teaware collection!



We offer gourmet single-origin and blended coffees in a variety of roasts, including our own Cultured Cup Blend, which was collaboratively formulated with a master roaster to retain a low acidic profile with full-bodied flavors.

With the popularity of third-wave roasters, it is getting harder to find a quality flavored coffee bean. We are happy to offer a wide variety of flavored options that range from the traditional, like Hazelnut Cream and Dutch Chocolate Fudge, to the more unique, like our Café Orange with real orange peel and the cocoa-dusted Angel's Kiss with coconut flavors.


A tea and coffee blend? Yes, please! This unique Cultured Cup blend infuses all the spices typical in chais with an Assam tea base and a rich, dark-roasted coffee. A match made in heaven!

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We offer the biggest assortment of loose-leaf, tea tins, and teabags from Mariage Frères in the U.S. We always have signature standards like French Breakfast and Wedding Impérial, but we also rotate different options with every shipment along with specialty and limited-edition tea tins, sachets, gift sets, books, and collections.


One can't go wrong with Mariage's flagship tea. This iconic tea is a signature blend of juicy red fruits, aromatic florals, and a hint of vanilla. It has remained one of our top sellers over the years.



Part 5: Unlocking the Mysteries of Dark & Pu'er Teas | May 25th | 5pm

Join us in closing this tasting series with pu'er teas. This tea type is different from all the other tea types becasue the leaves have been aged and fermented! While always popular in China, this tea type is gaining popularity stateside for its unique health benefits and intriguing history. Learn about the difference between a sheng and a shu, best brewing practices, flavors, and how to cut into a tea cake while gathering with other tea lovers! Come a bit early and you can enjoy the complimentary Saturday tasting too!


Open Tasting This Saturday

May 18th | 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM


25th Anniversary Blend

Marco Polo

Brewed Calm


Hazelnut Cream


Specialty coffee drinks hot or cold-brewed

from Jura's Z10 

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