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Monroe County 5G/Gigabit Meeting Set For January 15, 2019
Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Room 336, Innovation Center at East Stroudsburg University, PA

8:30 a.m. Registration & Breakfast
9:00 a.m.Program
10:30 a.m. Adjournment & Networking
Cost: Free and Open to the Public
Background : Just two-years ago in April, the #AcceleratePA project-team of Lewis Strategic, Dellicker Strategies and Business Information Group (BIG) issued a request for proposal (RFP) seeking private-sector investments in local broadband. 44-organizations participated.

That June, Dellicker Strategies announced staggering results for the Monroe County Gigabit Project that dropped broadband prices/Mbps as much as 90% and saw two companies start to offer Gigabit services.

President and CEO Kevin Dellicker explained, “The best way to make sure you can sustain a viable communications model is to pull-together your buying power and present yourself as a profitable target, and you can make it work,” he explained. He also commented “I think that we’re just beginning to see continued investments in Monroe County and similar projects like this all across the state... continue reading
For two more years, the City of Lancaster will be hosting the PNGAS Annual State Conference at the Lancaster County Convention Center and Marriott. This year, PNGAS welcomed more than 500 guests throughout the weekend of November 9-11, 2018.

New for this year, PNGAS hosted its first Education Day and the first Cadet Day for students, educators, recruiters, Guard leaders, Cadets, JROTC, ROTC, and the like. Both events will continue to be free and open to the public, with registration.
Pictured Above: 2018 Annual PNGAS Banquet Dinner
November 8-10, 2019

Optimize your engagement with the Pennsylvania National Guard, its members, veterans and their families at the 2019 Annual Conference.

Talk with decision-makers, network, share information and career pathways, meet educators and vendors, high-level briefings, and more.

Open networking meetings for (1) Guard/Veteran Start-Up companies, (2) skills/workforce training, (3) Jobs, (4) Guard-Friendly schools, colleges, universities and certification programs.

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION for 2019 Sponsorships and Vendors is available here .

Know a student looking for a rewarding internship? Visit the PNGAS Jobs Board .
What's PNGAS?

The Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (“PNGAS”) is the only organization solely dedicated to the 19,438 members and more than 67,500 veterans of the Pennsylvania National Guard and their families. In the next 12-months, the Pennsylvania National Guard must recruit more than 2,300 new members to replace Guard members that have completed their commitments and/or retired. Accordingly, PNGAS activities help ensure the Pennsylvania National Guard is fully funded, manned, equipped, and trained to perform their mission and that members and veterans get the benefits they have earned.

Lewis Strategic was recently recognized for its work that led to the restoration of the local tax exemption for active military service.

Act 6 of 2016 has now saved active-duty military families more than $7.7 Million .

Recognizing a key legislator, Senator Randy Vulakovich (pictured below), the Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee helped PNGAS celebrate this success at the annual PNGAS State Conference!

Listening to members and veterans, PNGAS convened the inaugural Business Advisory Council and Education Advisory Councils at the 2018 Annual State Conference in Lancaster, PA. Aimed at helping members, veterans and their families create and market Guard-owned companies, gain skills-sets, get degrees and jobs, these networks will hold meetings...

3 for 3 in 2018

  • $13 million in state budget for The Educational Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP remains the number one recruiting and retention tool for the Pennsylvania National Guard. 
  • National Guard Youth Challenge Program signed into law as Act 51 of 2018
  • DMVA budget approved as presented

BeneCard PBF is a game-changing Prescription Benefit Manager (PBM) driving immediate and sustained Rx savings

BeneCard PBF is a game-changing Prescription Benefit Manager (PBM) driving immediate and sustained Rx savings for organizations, like yours. Our results in Pennsylvania have been very strong. 

Examples of Significant Savings: 
In 2016 a large Philadelphia union spent more than $15.3 million on Rx prescriptions. Then, they hired BeneCard PBF as their prescription benefit manager and in 2017, this union only spent $12.1 million on Rx prescriptions, a dramatic Rx savings of more than $3.1 million dollars, annually. They have told us their HR department never received benefit compliments before they started using BeneCard PBF.  

For 2017, we proposed $660,000 in Rx savings to a city in central Pennsylvania. We won the contract. Since our model is purely transparent & pass-through and the client gets all achieved Rx savings, this city actually received $1,081,00 in RX savings, almost double the projected savings. 

You Have Doubts, No Problem:
So you can see it, and we can guarantee it, we will prepare a zero-cost, no-obligation Rx Reprice Analysis Report showing what you paid for prescriptions, and how much less you would have paid with BeneCardPBF. The Report will also show you the Rx prescription rebates you received versus what you would have received using BeneCardPBF. To get this free Report, we can facilitate getting a complete 12-month data run of your Rx spend with your broker and HR leaders.

Compounded Savings:   
Even as prescription drug costs continue to rise exponentially, we have historically outperformed the industry.  While the industry Rx trend is 47.80%, BeneCard PBF's Rx trend over the same period is only 19.67% Having the lowest prescription trend matters, as it demonstrates the exponential value of compounded savings year over year. Getting the right prescriptions also drives lower medical costs, reduces expensive hospital stays and makes members feel better. 

Many PBM contracts include a 90-days notice clause that enables them to terminate a contract so these Rx savings could be immediately captured. We also participate in RFPs for Prescription Benefit Management (PBM) services. 

Contact us  today to schedule a 30-minute meeting or call to show you how we can deliver 20% to 35% savings for your organization.
BeneCard PBF Disrupts PBM Market by Offering Full Pass Through of Rebates
President Trump Proposes PBMs Pass Through at Least 33% of Rebates; BeneCard PBF's Purely Transparent Model Offers 100% Pass-Through of All Drug Manufacturer Rebates
Signature Diabetes Institute Launches in Bucks County, PA

In August, SDI formally launched with a grand opening ceremony Feasterville, PA, located in Bucks County. SDI was joined by Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick and State Rep. Frank Farry, SDI to celebrate the launch.

Today, organizations can purchase best-in-class Diabetes Management services directly from the Signature Diabetes Institute (“SDI”) for employees within 35-40 miles of SDI's headquarters in Feasterville.
SDI delivers a 94% prevention rate in the population with pre-diabetes. A 94% rate is staggering against a 62% national prevention rate for bona-fide diabetes management programs

The SDI-System develops personalized, cost-effective care plans with employees and their families that reduce the many impacts of diabetes and deliver significant health and financial improvements and savings... continue reading
Putting the Spotlight on Northern Philadelphia, Bucks,
and Montgomery Counties
November is National Diabetes Awareness Month
by Arvind Cavale, MD, FACE and Lesley G. Kelner RD, LDN, CDE of the Signature Diabetes Institute
Diabetes is one of the largest and fastest growing expenses inside every organization, and its human and financial impacts... continue reading
by Alan B. Schorr, DO, FAAIM, FACE and Natallia Berila, RD, CDE, LDN of the Signature Diabetes Institute
Shelly Lipscomb Echeverria joined Lewis Strategic in February 2018 as the Managing Director of the EquityFirst Coalition. She likes us so much she began helping us with new client development, research and outreach.

In addition to her long passion for art, Shelly spent 22 years working for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in various roles. Then, in December 2016, Shelly retired from the House to pursue to what matters most to her – her community... continue
Rebecca Kann joined Lewis Strategic in 2016 and works in several different capacities. A former PA legislative reporter and Government Affairs manager, Rebecca still enjoys keeping up with what's happening inside the Capitol. With Lewis Strategic, she designs marketing content and campaigns, and also manages social media and web content... read more
 Ceaera McDermott became a Lewis Strategic intern in 2014. After getting married in 2016, she hit the pause button on career plans, got married and began traveling the country. Ceaera's husband is in the Air Force and they've lived in Pensacola, Florida and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Their beautiful baby girl Rose was born in 2017 and earlier this year they decided to move back to Pennsylvania... read more
Kelly Lewis is the President and CEO of Lewis Strategic. He previously led the trade group for the technology industry in Pennsylvania. In 2012, Kelly formed Lewis Strategic. Along with experience of serving in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for four years (2000-2004) and as a former county controller, Kelly understands there's always cost savings and partnering opportunities to be explored in business. He has a passion for finding those savings and helping valuable organizations perform at their peak levels... read more about Kelly

LEWIS STRATEGIC helps you align all marketing, messaging, and outreach tactics into your strategy so they continuously reinforce mission and strengthen brand. We bridge identified gaps by building mutually-beneficial relationships and coalitions that advance shared goals. We refine and align your pitch, message and pitch-materials. Then, we get you in front of decision-makers to make your pitch while assisting with follow-up and reporting. We specialize in branding, edification and getting our clients into win-win situations. Contact us to learn more.
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