July 2023
Just like at the quarterly Jackson Advisory Group meetings, constructive public input is important to building the forest's new Management Plan.
Have Your Voice Heard: JDSF Forest Management Plan

The public, local stakeholders and CAL FIRE cooperators play a fundamental role in the development of the new JDSF Forest Management Plan and CAL FIRE wants to hear from you. Activities and projects on Jackson Demonstration State Forest are governed by a forest management plan, developed by CAL FIRE with public input and approved by the California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection. A review of the current plan has been requested by CAL FIRE and the California Natural Resources Agency, involving discussions with local stakeholders.

The draft scope of work for this review has been shared with the Jackson Advisory Group (JAG) for feedback and public review, with the final scope of work expected to be developed at a meeting on September 15, 2023. Following that, a Request for Proposal will be released to engage qualified consultants who will lead the process of developing a new plan. Public comments on the proposed scope of work can be submitted until September 8, and individuals are welcome to attend the upcoming JAG meetings to participate in the discussion.
Dawn Blake's tour last month at JDSF helped to illustrate how species like the pileated woodpecker shown here act as indicators for forest practices and a healthy woodland ecosystem.
DEMONSTRATION: Pileated Woodpeckers, Prescribed Fire, and a Holistic Approach to Forest Management
If you are reading this newsletter, you know that there are endless metrics and statistics that forest managers use to assess the health of the land they steward. But we also know that there are smells, and sounds, that can teach us just as much. If you know what you are listening for, the “wuck, wuck, wuck” call of a pileated woodpecker is one of those sounds. Dawn Blake is a Hupa Tribal member, a Yurok Tribal descendent, a resident of Hoopa and the Yurok Tribe’s Forest Department Director who serves on the State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection. Last month, Dawn led a JDSF forest walk discussing her work studying pileated woodpeckers and how they represent and are part of a holistic means of forest management – one which includes prescribed fire and cultural burning to make the land healthier and more diverse.
New App Launches to Build Database of Cone Survey Information, Helping California's Reforestation Efforts

When you are next out in the forest, YOU can help with California's reforestation efforts. The Reforestation Pipeline Partnership, led by American Forests and joined by CAL FIRE, the US Forest Service and other entities, have launched a new joint cone survey application where anyone can provide cone survey data. The Cone Observation Survey via the Survey123 application (available for iOS & Android) allows cone survey data to be shared across multiple organizations. If you download the app to your smart device, then next time you are out in the forest you can provide valuable cone survey information.

The objective of the yearly Cone Crop Survey is to identify potential conifer cone crops in California that can produce viable seeds for reforestation projects such as post-fire restoration and other reforestation demands. This indispensable information can ultimately translate into seeds available to benefit your region.
RECREATION: Firewood Permits Now Available at JDSF

Firewood permits are now available at JDSF through October 1, 2023, or until wood supply is gone, a significant rain event, other constraints force closure, or until 75 permits are sold. Because of the presence of Sudden Oak Death, permit sales are limited to Mendocino County residents because the wood cannot be transported out of the county. Permit holders are reminded that fire safety rules require chainsaws to be equipped with an approved spark arrester, and a long-handled shovel or fire extinguisher must be within 25 feet of the operating chainsaw.