February 14 , 2020

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AGC Texas Chapters

USE YOUR VOTE: Make a difference in the 2020  Texas Primary Elections

* Primary Election Day:  March 3, 2020 *  

* Early Voting:  February 18 - 28, 2020 *  

AGC Texas Building Branch encourages you to make your voices heard in the upcoming 2020 Texas primary elections by exercising your constitutional right to vote! 

What's at stake?  Candidates for U.S. president, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, Texas Senate, Texas House, the state Board of Education, the Railroad Commission, judicial seats, and local elections.  Click here to see a list of all primary election candidates.

For whom can I vote? Since  Texas is an open-primary state, voters can decide every two years whether they'd rather help pick the Republican or the Democratic nominees (or a third party). Voters can choose to cast a ballot for any party's candidate in the general election.

What happens if the election goes to a runoff? If no candidate receives a majority of the vote in the primary election, the two candidates receiving the most votes will compete in a primary runoff on May 26. NOTE:  Whatever primary you decide to vote in, you can only vote in that same party's runoff, if a runoff is held.

Who is eligible to vote early?  Any person registered to vote may vote early, but voting must be done in person unless you qualify to vote by mail.

Where am I allowed to vote early? Voters can cast ballots at any polling location in the county where they are registered to vote. Early voting locations can be found on the Texas secretary of state's website two days before early voting begins.

18 - Early Voting Begins in Primary Elections (2/18 - 2/28)
3 - Primary Election Day
6 - Extended Outstanding Construction Award Submission Deadline (5 p.m.)

24 - Board of Directors Meeting (Austin)
27 -  Last day to register to vote in May 26 runoff primary election

26 - Runoff Primary Election Day

15-17 - 2020 AGC-TBB Convention (Gloucester, MA)

10 - Outstanding Construction Awards (Georgetown, TX)
11 - Board of Directors Meeting

3 - General Election Day
20 - Board of Directors Meeting (Austin)