A New Year, A New Goal Reached!
We are proud to announce that we have reached our goal of $55,000 for a new van to replace the first of our old ones! After numerous generous donations got us to the home stretch, the final push came from the Seal Beach Lions Club with a $7,500 donation matched by the California Lions Foundation. The check was formally presented to Friends in Sight by the Seal Beach Lions on February 1st.

With the help of our amazing volunteers and donors, we will enable others to have a brighter future. We are humbled to know that because of what we do together, we create brighter tomorrows. We would like to give a special shout out to all our amazing contributors.
To Everyone That Donated... Thank You For The Support!
Keep the Drive Alive
We need your help reaching out to community partners in your area to drive our campaign to the finish line! These two new vans are for YOU and the community you serve. Your contributions and those of your community partners make possible the vision screenings in your District.
We've created a flyer as a tool for you to use with potential donors in your community; businesses, community partners, organizations, and individuals you know can contribute. No donation is too small. You can download the flyer and send electronically, or request printed copies from your District Vision Screening Coordinator.
Become a Sponsor!

If you want to support us and become a donor, please click the button to donate. We are currently taking donations for the following categories:

  • Van Donations
  • General Fund Donations
  • Building Fund Donations
  • Donations for Medical/Surgical Needs
Recapping Our Guadalupe Adventure
Looking Forward into 2023
Back in August, the Friends in Sight team ventured 240 miles to the north to partner in a multi-club vision screening. We arrived on Friday for set-up and volunteer training. The next day we served 326 people. This success story was two years in the making! The event was originally scheduled for March 2020 when coronavirus restrictions forced cancellation. Following the success of this August trip, we are ready to roll into another trip north later this year.

This was a great opportunity for our first-time volunteers who were new to Friends in Sight. Not only did we have fun and the chance to meet new people and make friends, it gave us all an opportunity to serve the community in a big way with free eye health screenings and free recycled eyeglasses. By venturing north to the Santa Maria Valley and south to Mexico, our reach now stretches to over 500 miles!
It was my first time participating/volunteering in such event, and it won’t be my last. I was able to witness a young man skip on his way out wearing his new glasses, a family of seven be so grateful and thankful with every single volunteer, and lastly, I was able to see a community of Lions come together to serve! Just a whole a lot of happiness for one event for everyone involved.

Lion Nancy Veliz
Santa Maria Sunrisers Lions
California Lions Friends In Sight

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