Help Us Help You!

The Medical Society of Delaware, in conjunction with the Delaware Healthcare Association, have jointly drafted Senate Bill 10 (SB 10), the Delaware Pre-Authorization Reform Act of 2023. This bill continues our fight for reforming the prior authorization process in Delaware by amending the current code. We are excited to announce that SB 10 will be heard in the Senate Banking, Business, Insurance & Technology Committee on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. 

SB 10 is MSD’s flagship legislation for 2024. To be impactful, MSD is seeking testimony on the effects that prior authorization has on health outcomes. Testimony is essential to advocate on the negative impact that prior authorization has on the citizens of Delaware. We are looking for your stories, for your patients’ stories. Public comment is generally limited to two minutes. Your comments at this committee hearing, provided on behalf of MSD, will benefit from the assistance of MSD staff who will help you along the journey to craft your statement.

The Senate Banking, Business, Insurance & Technology Committee will convene on Wednesday, May 15 beginning at 11 a.m. SB 10 is on the agenda and will be addressed during this Committee’s session, although the exact time is unknown (please refer to the “Advocacy 101” document, which provides a tour of what to expect for the committee hearing process). A few hours of your time now to fight for prior authorization reform could equate to gaining back many more hours of your time in the future. However, MSD cannot do this without your help. Physicians are needed to tell the story.

Testimony may be done in person or virtually on May 15, however, a presence at Legislative Hall in Dover is preferred to make an impact and show the medical community’s passion about the negative effects of prior authorization. MSD Government Affairs Committee Chair, Richard W. Henderson, MD, as well as MSD lobbyists and staff will be present in Legislative Hall to help you navigate and effectively tell your story. More detailed instructions will be provided to those who sign up to provide testimony.

If you are interested in sharing your story as part of this critical legislation or have any questions about SB 10, please contact: Lisa Gruss, External Affairs and Development Officer at or 610-306-6951.