A Word From Our Founder & CEO:
Brandi Grayson
In 2020, Urban Triage, as a result of you and your continuous and consistent support was able to meet timelines that many deemed impossible. In 12 months---we hired 8 staff, launched 5 successful campaigns, expanded our consulting work by 50X, ran 4 Supporting Healthy Black Families Workgroups, raised over $600,000, launched our Co-Conspirator Workgroup, moved from working from my kitchen table into our own community/office space and launched our Homeless Outreach Program. And all of it was and is made possible because you believed in my leadership. You never said no. You always showed up. Urban Triage is indeed a community funded and community-supported organization. We have over 50 volunteers who never hesitate to put in the work. We have over 1000 donors and counting, that never question our asks. And over 80 Black people who were forever changed by our transformational workgroup. We served over 7000 individuals, directly and indirectly, we served over 4200 meals, prevented 1000 evictions, and distributed more than $388,000 in resources to our community.

I'm forever grateful and humbled by the support and commitment of our community to Black lives. 2020 brought 4 pandemics simultaneously, political chaos, social injustice, economic insecurities, and COVID-19---and y'all showed up to meet the challenges.

As an organization, we will continue to meet "impossible" timelines and strive to meet the needs of those we serve. 2020 is and was proof that the impossible is always possible and it was only the beginning of what we'll accomplish together. Urban Triage has big plans to bring economic empowerment and wealth development to the Black Community in 2021. For us to reach our audacious goals we need a 12-month commitment from you to do the work alongside us. Our sustainability is our first priority and expanding our capacity to expand our impact starts with you. Learn more about how you can conspire with us to cause & create life-changing programming centering Black people.

Thank you for your continuous support. We are because of you!!!

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Sustainability: Co-Conspirator Give Campaign
We know that leadership is uber important to our work. We also know that sustainability is intrinsically connected to our finances which directly impacts our work. Consequently, we're starting our 2021 with a goal to recruit 1500 people into our Co-Conspirator giving program Click here to learn more.
You rocked it and showed up for our community. You contributed $28,000 and we were able to support over 350 individuals with meals, holiday wishlist sponsorships, vision board kits, rental assistance, funeral expenses, etc. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

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The 2020 Dane County budget includes funding for a needs assessment, engagement, and planning for a community justice center. 

Community justice centers include social services available for community members, regardless of their involvement with the criminal justice system. 

Prior to the needs assessment, Dane County is interested in hearing from a diverse group of residents and begin conversations around this innovative and restorative concept in the criminal justice system. Is restorative a thing? Is it impossible? Follow Urban Triage's Facebook for more details. We'll be hosting 3 conversations via Zoom this month. Say, Tune!
We're so excited to announce the application for our Supporting Healthy Black Families' Workgroup (SHBF) cohort 5 is open! Our 90-day leadership workgroup requires commitment; commitment to yourself, your family, and your community. We invite you to take this journey with us of self-discovery and trauma recovery.

Our workgroup kicks off on February 2, 2021. Space is limited. Application closes on 1/21/2021. Seats fill up quickly. Click the link below. to apply. Share the link. Live Inspired.
Co-Conspirators Workgroup
Our Co-Conspirator workgroup is grounded in a model of transformative learning - a way of learning that gives allies an awareness of the basic structures in which they know, think, and act. From knowing and awareness comes a fundamental shift that will leave people permanently changed and in alignment with the movement for Black Lives. Join our co-conspirators workgroup today by clicking the link below!
We are SO excited to have the support of Madison Community Foundation who granted us $25,000 in support of our community space. Bringing the total community contribution for our new space to $150,000 of a $100,000 goal.

We are because of YOU!!

Thank YOU Local 311 Fire Fighters for supporting the work by donating $2,000.

We appreciate you.
Big Shout to OUR Volunteer Grant Writers!!

We'd like to give a special thank you to our volunteer Grant writers and ALL our volunteers who make our work possible. We appreciate you, we can't do this without you!!!

We are because of YOU!!!
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Volunteer Application Sign up for our Holiday initiative and/or for other volunteer opportunities with Urban Triage. See below. Urban Triage, Inc. is kicking off our Holiday Initiative and Kwanzaa Celebration. We are in need of folks to deliver...

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Careers We are currently hiring for the following positions at Urban Triage, Inc. Click on each position below to view the position description. Apply for all positions here.

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Nothing we do is possible without YOU!!
Happy New Year!!!