“We Leave to Serve”
Meet Our Graduate Yousef Khalil
"Bethlehem Bible College was not just a place to study; it was my home away from home. I thank God for the opportunity He opened for me to learn there."

Bible Stories in 3D Photography
Living outside of the Holy Land, you would hear of stories, myths, and legends passed down from generation to generation as it was the only method to “document” and share what others have witnessed before us.
Bible Live: Herodium Palace- Real Power
In this month's Bible live, let us walk through the magnificent Herodium palace and remember that majestic buildings and castles cannot signify real and lasting power; they are a shell for the powerful to live in!

A historical perspective on the Samaritan woman
When we read the story of the Samaritan woman, the first thing that would attract our attention after the theme of the living water is the expression “husbands”. Why did the Samaritan woman have five husbands?
First Cohort Graduation of the Hebrew Diploma Program
We called these students the “Successful Regiment” because of their steadfastness through all the challenges they faced during their study at the College.

P.S. Stay tuned for the new Global Peacemaker Interviews.
Our first is with Dr. Martin Accad, a prophetic voice in Lebanon in the midst of destruction.
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  • For the safety and protection of our families from the Coronavirus.
  • For Bethlehem, a city that has lost so much since Coronavirus started spreading.
  • That our new academic year will be off to a blessed and fruitful start.
  • For our brothers and sisters in Lebanon.
  • For relief from the hardship of limited water resources in the summer heat.