June 2017
WE CAN Achieve the Paris Climate Goals.

In these times it is easy to become frustrated and angry and even give up.  As elders, we have seen difficult times in our lifetimes and we have persisted.  For the United States to turn its back on the Paris Accord agreed upon at COP 21 by 194 nations is certainly not in the best interests of the planet.   In the words of Al Gore, "Civic leaders, mayors, governors, CEOs, investors and the majority of the business community will take up this challenge.  We are in the middle of a clean energy revolution that no single person or group can stop. President Trump's decision is profoundly in conflict with what the majority of Americans want from our president; but no matter what he does, we will ensure that our inevitable transition to a clean energy economy continues."

What can elders do?  We are a huge voting bloc and it is time that we vote for the climate at a state and local level, vote for our grandchildren's future.  It is time to take action locally, meet with our elected officials from our cities, towns, states and counties to let them know that we will be voting for the climate and for all future generations.  Solutions need to go to Washington, not come from Washington.  We have an opportunity to make the difference and the time is now!
For our grandchildren, future generations, and all life,

Geri Freedman
Elders Climate Action, Co-Chair 

Observations of an Elder in Training....
Jen Chandler, Director of Operations at ECA

A year and a half ago, I joined Elders Climate Action as the first staff position to help move the organization forward and achieve its critical mission. My choice to join the volunteers at ECA has without a doubt proven to be one of the most fulfilling decisions of my life. Although I am not yet an elder, I consider myself an elder in training; someone with a personal responsibility to learn from previous generations, bridge with younger generations, and bring change for future generations and all life.

Since returning from Elders Climate Action Day in Washington, D.C. I have spent time reflecting on the experience. Beyond the obvious highlights including brilliant and inspiring speakers, a discovered love of the diverse city, and taking to the streets with over 250,000
people at the Climate March.  I was deeply moved and inspired by the passion, commitment, caring, and deep questioning that came from the elders in attendance.  For me, one of the most powerful moments of ECAD  was the visit from Our Children's Trust and FrostPaw, and subsequent impromptu apology from ECA member, Margo Frank. (see Youtube Video)

What I experienced most in D.C., was multiple generations standing up and taking action for the climate. It was a vibrant illumination of a common value, a common acceptance of responsibility for the damage that has happened, and a common commitment to take action for the future.  Take Climate Action Now, Take Climate Action Often. Protect the Future. 

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June 20, 2017
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We encourage you to join from your Computer. It is wonderful when we can see each other to build a sense of community.  In addition, presenters often share slides or include video. We don't want you to miss out!

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The Voice of Elders is Needed More Than EVER!  We Will Take a Stand for the Climate.

Check out our new video on our Elders Climate Action YouTube Channel, The Voice of Elders.

Climate Pledge Responses 
from Members of Congress 

Slowly, signed pledges and personal responses are beginning to be returned by Members of Congress after our visit to Capitol Hill April 28, 2017.   

Thank You to the Members of Congress Who Have Signed Our Pledge for the Climate:

Representative John Conyers, Michigan
Representative Debbie Wassermann Schultz, Florida 
Representative Ro Khanna, California
Representative Matt Cartwright, Pennsylvania

ECA Member and Partnerships Liaison Shirley McGrath recently delivered ECA's Climate Pledge, a request to make climate change legislation a priority, to her Congressman Mark DeSaulnier of California's 11 th District. She received a letter excerpted below in response.

"I strongly support policies that help mitigate the impacts of climate change...I am a proud member of the House Safe Climate Caucus, where I work to reduce the impacts of climate change. I have also sponsored a number of legislative efforts with the same goal, including the Healthy Climate and Family Security Act. This bill builds upon the excellent framework of the EPA's Clean Power Plan to address climate change comprehensively with a carbon cap and dividend approach...I support full funding for environmental programs and cleaner, alternative energy sources...as the House continues its legislative work, I will continue to support these programs and others like them."


Mark DeSaulnier
Member of Congress

Let's Keep the Pressure on our
Federal and State Representatives!

John Friedrich, Climate Parents Online Campaign Manager

There is no larger threat to kids and grandkids than climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels. In response, parents and grandparents are joining forces across the globe to leave a legacy of a stable, livable climate for all children everywhere.

In the lead-up to the Paris Climate summit last year, a new coalition of parent and grandparent organizations from around the world was formed to press for a strong agreement.  "Our Kids' Climate" included U.S.-based groups including Climate Parents, Moms Clean Air Force and Mothers Out Front, along with groups such as Grands-Parents pour le climat-Suisse (Switzerland), Parents Roar/Foraldravralet (Sweden), the 2050 Project (Australia) and No Planeta B (global).

We delivered petition signatures from parents and grandparents across the globe, making it clear to international lea ders that " handing over a better world to the next generation is our moral responsibility as caretakers of our children and this is a
matter of justice for children everywhere."

With President Trump's pulling out of the U.S. out of the climate agreement, and to double down on climate-polluting, dirty energy sources, parents and grandparents everywhere need to raise our voices and take action more boldly than ever before. When it comes to the climate crisis and the dangers of a continued reliance on fossil fuels, there are no alternative facts. And everything we love is on the line.

Here are a few links to help you learn about and better understand what's happening with climate change.
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