We Believe

On December 9th, The Next Stop hosted a Family and Friends dinner themed "Believe". Our members spent October and November preparing all the lasagna, desserts and centerpieces. Over 200 hundred guests enjoyed a delicious dinner followed by an inspiring musical performance presented by the members of The Next Stop. An awesome evening celebrating why we BELIEVE in our members! Photos Link

A fundamental value shared at The Next Stop is that we BELIEVE in our members!

We BELIEVE in their potential to continue to grow.

We BELIEVE they can make a positive impact on others and our world.

We BELIEVE they have the capacity to hope and hope brings joy.

Most importantly, we BELIEVE they can learn to believe in themselves.

We're asking YOU to BELIEVE in us!

When considering your end of year charitable giving, The Next Stop is asking you to BELIEVE in us and our mission serving

adults with special needs.

Thank you for any gift, large or small.

The Next Stop is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Your gift is fully tax deductible.


The Next Stop Foundation, Inc.



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