“Peace Without Justice is an Illusion”
Rev. Andrew Bush
"What Palestinian Christians have to say about peace is not trivial or just a high-minded theory. On the contrary, the insights of Palestinian Christians have been forged in the fires of violence."
From Bethlehem to the Olympics -
Dania Nour
An Interview with the Olympic Palestinian Christian swimmer- Dania Nour, who represented Palestine in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021.

Bible Live:
The Caves of Qumran
In this month’s Bible live, we travel years back to the caves of Qumran, where a local shepherd discovered copies of the Old Testament. For that, we are forever grateful; for our God never denies Himself and His Word!
We Are Back on Campus!
We are thrilled to see life back on our campus! Enjoy this video!

Christmas is almost on the horizon!
Of all the Christmas decorations available in the world, the most popular is the traditional Nativity set, depicting the beloved Holy Family.

Who would not want a Nativity Set, knowing that it is carved in Bethlehem, where Jesus was born?  Read more!
We are pleased to share our interview with Dr. Martin Accad with you. He shares about the dire situation today in Lebanon. A must listen! Click here.
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  • For peace upon our land which has suffered a lot.