Friends of PSR Philadelphia,
We hope you enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing holiday weekend!
As 2017 comes to an end, it is time to reflect on our goals, values and accomplishments from this busy year.

In 2017, PSR Philadelphia has played a vital role in our region’s civil society and
we are grateful that we have been supported generously by you. 

  • Across the state we have worked with other PSR members and chapters to form PSR Pennsylvania. Together, we use our collective medical expertise and experience to validate and uplift the voice of scientists and researchers as advocates for the environment. With a greatly increased presence in print media, in public presentations and in an academic symposium, we have worked tirelessly to reveal the health impacts of the unconventional gas development industry and Climate Disruption.

  • In Philadelphia, we responded to the new political climate with a powerful series of advocacy training events to educate health professionals and students about how to safely and effectively advocate for change. We also hosted an academic symposium with Philly Thrive to address the community health impacts of the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery.

  • Locally, we continue to expand our commitment to mentoring youth and providing programs to reduce violence and disparity.

Today, we need you to commit to social responsibility by contributing to our work in
educating, training, and supporting advocacy that
protects public health, the environment and communities

If these are issues you hope to be resolved and addressed going forward into 2018,
please take action – volunteer and  donate today .

We need you to ensure that the resources necessary to continue reform remain available.
With only days left in 2017 and an uphill battle in 2018,
please make your tax-deductible contribution today and
ask your friends and family to contribute to this important work, too. 

We appreciate every gift given to help us fulfill our commitments
and hope that you will contribute in a way that is meaningful to you.

In deep gratitude,

PSR Philadelphia Staff, Board Members and Volunteers
Why PSR Philadelphia?
In the midst of the end of the year bustle, we depend on you to help us serve the community...

  • PSR is a non-profit agency addressing the greatest threats to public health.
  • PSR is a voice for science and research that advocates for the environment.
  • PSR educates health professionals and students about how to advocate for change
  • PSR mentors youth and provides programs to reduce violence and disparity.
  • PSR speaks to stakeholders about Climate Change and how to love our earth.
  • PSR binds Physicians, Nurses, and all Health Professionals to a shared mission.

Thank You,
Celeen, PSR Philadelphia Director of Finance and Development