February 2020

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Customers are probably texting your business number and you don’t even know it!

An inbound text to your business number offers a competitive edge. Texting is a convenient way for your clients to contact your business. Convenience always wins when it comes to communicating.

The perk of inbound text is that both parties don’t need to be available at the same time, unlike with phone or live chat.

Did You Know?

  • 9 out of 10 customers would like to connect with businesses through text
  • Only 48% of businesses are equipped to connect with customers through a text message

Customer Service 101

New customer service trends seem to emerge every day, so keeping up can feel like quite the challenge. Get prepared. Make sure your customer service agents’ skills and knowledge are up to date and combine this with the latest tools and technology to provide the very  best customer service  possible. 
Holiday Hours - Office Closed?

Are you closed for Presidents Day? Will you be closed for a Winter Break?

Let us know of any changes in your schedule, so we may inform and serve you and your clients effectively.
Industry News

Start using two-way business text messaging to connect with your customers:

1.You're being ignored
2.Your customers want to text you
3.Instant engagement
4.There is nothing new to learn
5. Convert Leads and Increase Sales… Faster

As competition becomes the norm in many digital and application spaces, the interaction that the consumer has with a company becomes more important. CX is vital in helping a company retain its customers and grow its customer base through organic referrals.

Luckily, technology offers several ways for businesses to improve their customer experience

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